• Preemie bill is good

    The preemie bill passed by the House of Representatives of the untied states is an example of a good bill passed by congress. It is intended to help babies in a way that was badly needed. It had bipartisan support and the population as a whole is in favor of the bill.

  • Of course I do.

    Yes, I definitely approve of the preemie bill being passed by the house of representatives. It's one of the few things the Republican controlled house didn't completely mess up. If there is some way to treat and prevent premature births, then we should utilize these methods and stop it from happening.

  • I Do Approve

    I believe the PREEMIE Bill, passed by the House of Representatives, is a good bill and I do approve of it. The bill is centered around trying to help pregnant women and also discusses causes of pre-term births and/or ways to prevent this problem. It sounds like legislation that's actually helpful, rather than harmful.

  • Yes i do

    Yes, I do think that this is going to be a bill that is going to help out a lot of people here in the US, and I for one approve of it. I think that the thoughts behind it are strong, and that the house did a lot of work to it.

  • It is not a government function.

    As terrible as premature children are, and as much as the issue needs to be addressed, this is not something that government should be appropriating money to. Why premature babies, instead of babies born addicted to drugs or with aids? It is not fair for the government to pick winners and losers. Charity can solve it.

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