• My bank is the best for all the right reasons

    I bank at Nationwide Bank which is one of the best banks around. The reason I say this is due to the fact that they were not one of the banks that needed a bailout during the catastrophic economic crises. They use very savvy business practices and are fair with their customers. They tend to stand behind their customers, as noted during the crises as well. Unlike other banks who had the nerve to take a bailout from the government and turn right around after getting our tax money and increased interest rates along with fees on credit cards. Most of them didn't stop there, however, they also abruptly lowered credit limits on credit cards to minimize risk for the bank, which of course damaged many individual credit scores. This was done to bad and good customers alike, who had always paid on time and had good credit. They didn't care at all. It was about their survival only and that's all that seemed to matter to them. This practice was done by several of the big reputable banks, which is what shocked me. Nationwide Bank was not one of those entities. They did not strong arm their customers and used practical business practices which is why so many customers are loyal to them.

  • Yes, I do

    I consider Wells Fargo to be one of America's top 5 banks. I believe Wells Fargo is the largest domestic bank. I have always been pleased with Wells Fargo and don't have any plans to currently switch. They offer everything that all of the nation's largest banks do. In addition, I am able to take advantage of many great perks.

  • America's Top Banks are Ubiquitous Throughout the Country

    Banking at a top bank makes life easier. They have ATMs at very accessible locations and have portal systems online which enable quick money transferring between freinds and family. Especially since I live in a large city, banking at one of America's top 5 banks make life simple because on my way to work and class I pass my bank without having to even go out of my way.

  • It's a personal choice.

    Why would I support a bank that is evil? I've chosen to bank at a small bank that actually gives good customer service. These small banks realize that all of the personal finance options are essentially the same and that the only thing they can do to set them apart from the big guys is customer service.

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