Do you believe a bike sharing programs would be beneficial to your community?

  • We really should.

    A bike sharing program would make it so people don't get their bikes stolen. Do you want your bike stolen? And plus, it's good for your health and the environment. So basically a bike sharing program is / would be great for everyone. Especially small towns and people all ages.

  • 700 cities and towns embrace it

    No matter what size the community, bike share is the right tool for the right job. It makes no sense to rev up the SUV to get a quart of milk at the convenience store, but conversely one wouldn't use bike share to carry home a sofa. For small trips less than 5 km it's best for your health, the environment and reducing single occupancy vehicle congestion.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think that a bike sharing program would be great here. I think that virtually every community could benefit from having a bike sharing program. Bike sharing would promote health and exercise and cheaper and much cleaner transport while not having to purchase and maintain a bike of ones own.

  • Yes, most communities would benefit.

    I myself never learned how to ride a bike, but many people can and it is good for the environment. A community that has a bike sharing program ensures that more people will ride instead of drive to get places, cutting back emissions. And it ensures that everyone can afford to do this.

  • Better For Bigger Communities

    My community is small, only around 65 thousand people and I do not think a bike sharing program would benefit us very much. However, for larger communities, and especially metropolitan areas, I believe bike sharing programs can be very beneficial. Nashville implemented this program within their urban area and I believe it was very beneficial.

  • No, bike sharing would not be beneficial.

    I live in a suburb of a major city. Most people live in the suburb and have to drive 45-60 minutes to get to work, a bike would not work for this reason; therefore, bike sharing would not be appropriate for my community. A lot of times in the suburbs the grocery stores or drug stores are also quite distance away from the home, it would be difficult to go to the store quickly.

  • They would not

    Bikes are not good in traffic in cities; people have to understand that people in cities generally use a large amount of public transportation already, and people drive to pack the streets. Bikes disrupt the order of the city due to how they're laid out, and more would not help.

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