• Yes, I believe so.

    I do believe a commission should be set up to oversee high-paying jobs. If there aren't going to be higher taxes on these people, then they should be monitored for their job performance. Otherwise, why should they have access to so much currency when there are so many living in squalor.

  • No: We Don't Need a Commission for High Paying Jobs

    It's true that the economic divide, which is rife with speculative and corrupt features, is something that needs to be addressed. Such things can be addressed through tax policy, however. There is no need to set up another bureaucratic commission that will likely only produce results favorable to the wealthy. What we need is a vocal majority of the populace pushing back to create some semblance of a liveable future for those who will survive climate or economic collapse.

  • I don't think their should be a commision to oversee high paying jobs.

    The government has no such ability to oversee high paying jobs. Furthermore the government has no right. The very notion is foolish, it is also discriminatory. The idea of a commission to oversee high earners penalizes the most productive amongst us. The notion of such a commission is entirely inconsistent with the idea of being innocent until proven guilty.

  • No Commussion Needed

    I do not believe a commission should be set up to oversee high-paying jobs. This sounds like government being overly invasive at an equally high price tag, for no good reason. We don't need a commission to oversee jobs based on salaries. That would be a huge waste of taxpayer money. We need corporations to pay people fairly, we need them to pay a living wage, and we don't need the government to simply hover over their high paid CEO's.

  • No, a commision shouldn't oversee high-paying jobs.

    I do not think there should be a commission to oversee high paying jobs in the United States of America. I think that there shouldn't be some kind of special presence in regards to jobs that are paid more than other jobs. A commission should only be set up if a job seems illegal.

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