Do you believe a country's national security also includes its history and mythology?

  • Dismiss the past and relive the mistakes and wrongdoings. It's an old cliché but it bears the truth

    Why the hell do you think the world is such a totalitarian mess from corrupt governments to violent thug police? My grandfather was a Waffen-SS Officer during WWII who drove a huge Tiger tank, and because of this I studied everything about the German war machine. The SS never violated people's rights; that was a different animal, the Gestapo (today's American Homeland Security - Geheime Staatspolizei - Secret State Police). The Waffen-SS were elite combat soldiers. The atrocities were carried out by Einzatsgruppen - Gestapo murder squads. Sound like FEMA? Today's American troops are nothing more than Einzatsgruppe killers invading the Middle East with no morality whatsoever endorsed by a thug regime. Yes, Hitler was a psycho, no one denies that, but we, as human beings need to keep in contact with the past to evolve into a more enriched society. My wife and children are very aware of my grandfather and who he was with the status of Panzerführer (tank commander) and the rank of SS-Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel). Believe it or not, he put three Tiger tanks at the disposal of Jews as a defense against the Einzatsgruppen so they could escape to safety, yet later he was denounced as a Jew-hating Nazi and denied by the German Government after WWII of a veterans pensions. Not one Jew he helped to safety and a life elsewhere ever came to his defense (no he wasn't charged as a war criminal). He was never a bitter man, but was very aware the allies, and in particular, America, Britain and Russia, who created unspeakable atrocities fashioned WWII to suit themselves. A fact never taught in American schools tells about over one million defeated German soldiers and displaced and unarmed German citizens were starved to death by the heroic Eisenhauer who prevented Red Cross trains bringing the "prisoners" food and warm clothes. A gutless mass murderer. Yes, we must always keep the past in mind and remember who we are. I celebrate my grandfather, an SS Colonel who put his life on the line to save approximately 280 jewish men, women and children. He would've blown the Einzatsgruppen into oblivion rather than let one of his Jews perish. Yes, we must embrace the real truth of the past and dismiss with contempt the blatant lies of propaganda, and when we do we'll be a lot better off and the likelihood of ongoing war, as the Americans revel in, might one day be unthinkable, but maybe not, perhaps God should've quit after he created the apes. So, people, what do you think of an SS Officer who had the compassion to save Jews at the risk of his own life? A man who has only been remembered by his family. Keep in mind, not all SS were Nazis. Many SS men saved Jewish lives while the Nazi Einzatsgruppen murdered them. Let's not forget the past, we built our present on it, and then develop our future, hopefully in a much more positive way.

  • Yes, a country's national heritage is important.

    A country is more than just a collection of people who live within certain borders. That is the most empty way to define a country. A country is more like a group of people who share common experiences, like a history and mythology, and these are things people will fight to protect. In the United States, we honor our military not only for keeping us alive, but for preserving our way of life. Although history and mythology seem intangible, they are considered a part of life itself, something that gives meaning to life.

  • Yes, it does.

    It would be wise for a country to make it's history and mythology secure. Not to say that these things should be imposed on the rest of the world. But rather just to remember and teach these things to the future generations. A country needs it's history, it's important for the culture of the world.

  • For certain politicians they do

    While I am sure all Presidents look at history to help guide them with all the tough choices they have to make. Others probably look at the mythology too, and use that to help base their decisions. One could only imagine that our leaders use every possible resource to help them make the right decisions, as far as National security goes.

  • Not At All

    I do not believe a country's national security includes its history and mythology. Firstly, the majority of history, regardless of where it happened, has nothing to do with current security. For instance, the historical facts of America, like the fact we started as colonies, has little bearing on a daily basis. Mythology is even less important when considering natural security.

  • No, I do not believe it does.

    I do not believe a country's national security also includes its history and mythology. A country's national security should all be about the real life and present issues in which it is being issued with that puts the country and its nations in danger. I think that logic and common sense should be more important in regards to such a topic such as national security.

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