• A creator has certain attributes.

    I believe a creator would certainly possess certain specific attributes. These attributes would most likely be supremacy above all others, the ability to control and change destiny, the ability to absolve people from sins, and the ability to cause good or bad, depending upon desired outcomes. A creator would be all-powerful and uncompromising.

  • Yes, a creator would possess specific attributes

    A creator would have to possess specific attributes in order to accurately create another entity. The creator would have to possess attributes such as knowledge, an understanding of the complexity of how things work, an understanding of how things work synergistically with other things in their environment and within themselves, and have access to information about what things are composed of. Even to create something as simple as a paperclip requires knowledge of what the paper clip can be successfully made from and how far the materials can move and bend without breaking.

  • If you consider "being" an attribute.

    The evidence of Jesus's existence is absolute but the evidence of his divinity is a mystery. By definition, Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again is a declaration of the mystery of Faith. Having said that, the original creator would have an attribute of being. The mystery is if God has walked among this earth or if God still does. There's even the consideration that everything created is a part of God. Us, animals, plants, water, earth, and the entire universe.

  • Creator would posses certain specific attributes?

    A creator should posses certain specific attributes because depending on what the creator would be working on would make the difference such as the product they are working on and so on. If you don't have the educational background that product may not become a great part of the economy to make a difference.

  • No, You Can't Figure Out the Divine

    The nature of the universe is too complex for somebody to figure out all the answers. This question pretty much asks, "Do you know what God looks like." Nobody knows that. They can't. If they claim they can, it's a matter of personal faith and something that cannot be scientifically proven.

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