Do you believe a gender-neutral pronoun should be introduced to the English language?

  • Gender neutral pronouns are needed for multiple reasons

    Introducing gender neutral pronouns are great because they allow an individual to speak about or to another person without making incorrect assumptions about their gender. Since there are multiple unofficial pronouns, there should be one official one to avoid confusion. During speeches, most people welcome the audience with 'ladies and gentlemen', which only includes those two genders but everyone that is not referred to as male or female will not feel included. Referring to someone as 'he' when they preferred to be called 'she' is considered disrespectful so implementing an official gender neutral pronoun will include the minority and give those individuals the respect they deserve.

    Posted by: kth
  • We already have terms we can use.

    A gender-neutral pronoun should not be introduced to the English language. There is no need to make words up for people because a person is born with or identifies as a certain sex during their lifetimes. We could also easily just use the terms "this person" or "that person" to signify who we are talking about.

  • No, gender-neutral pronouns won't catch on.

    There already exist several options for implying a gender-neutral subject in a sentence. Specifically, the word "one" is often used to imply gender-neutrality. For example, "One cannot be too careful." This sentence does not imply whether the subject is a man or woman. It is confusing to try and add a new pronoun to the lexicon when there are existing solutions already in place.

  • Too politically correct.

    No, I do not believe that a gender-neutral pronoun should be introduced to the English language, because that is politically correctness gone way too far, to literally be forcing language down our throats. If we need such a word, it will develop on its own, without anyone needing to impose it.

  • 'It' Kind of Works

    I do not believe a gender-neutral pronoun should be introduced to the English language. Many other languages use gender specific pronouns and it is quite normal to have these. I do not feel we should change the languages to provide a gender-neutral pronoun. If anything, I think it would be more than appropriate to find a term already available in the language rather than make up a word.

  • No, there shouldn't be a gender neutral pronoun in the English Language.

    I do not see any need for a gender-neutral pronoun to be introduced in the English language. I think that such a proposal is silly. People are getting way too ridiculous with all of the politically correct ideology that infects American society today. I think that English language has enough words to describe people.

  • No, it is very pc and doesn't work.

    If it doesnt support biology, than it is dumb. Why should we make a mess of established sciences? Instating gender neutrality would lead to people identifying as random things which is sadly already happening. Sites like wikipedia even have pages for this non established, weak pseudoscience. Very. Very dumb idea.

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