Do you believe a new book about the burglary of secret FBI files in 1971 sheds new light on J. Edgar Hoover's administration of the agency?

  • Yes, it absolutely does.

    Yes, of course it sheds new light on J. Edgar Hoover's administration of the FBI. It goes to show that he ran a very secretive and snooping administration, and that there were chinks in his armor. He did not run quite the airtight ship that people assumed he did. Very revealing

  • Yes it does

    It will show us how corrupt every agency was during that time and even currently. I mean they are supposed to protect the people, but yet they are as corrupt as the other Government agencies ran by different divisions. Do you think the Government tells the American people the truth at all.

  • Nothing new to be found.

    Having read excerpts from that book, I don't hold out hopes that it'll be anything earth shattering in nature. We know J. Edgar Hoover was a paranoid hypocrite. In retrospect, we know way too much about his personal life. So whatever he did in administration of the FBI cannot possibly come as a shock.

  • No, it did not shed new light.

    Things about the government are already known. People may think it is a giant secret but lots of things just aren't talked about until they become part of the mainstream media for a couple of days. This information has already been known to several people, just the mainstream media refused to report on it.

  • A new book does not mean new information

    Every so often a new book will come out with maybe a few new pieces of information. The new information typically takes up two pages at best. Somehow, political authors turn that into 200 pages of new assumptions and theories based on this new information. This new book about the FBI files in 1971 is no different. Getting the new information is excellent. Learning about this nations history, no matter how sorted, is important. Having to pay $30 for 198 pages of someone elses theories is not worth it.

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