• It would, but at great cost.

    Ooh, careful with those three little words. They'll being the conspiracy freaks screaming out of the woodwork. I personally believe something along the lines of a "New World Order" would eventually bring humankind toward peace. But before that would happen, we would probably have to endure a horrifying, truly global, third world war. So I'm fine with the status quo. Really.

  • A New World Order would not bring peace

    It is my opinion that a New World Order would not bring mankind closer to peace because such an order could not be established through non-violent means. People across the globe hold very many differences and values, and these differences often serve to create prejudices that lead to violence against other nations.

  • No, I believe it would enslave billions

    I think there is something to be said in favor of some type of world organization to promote peace and mankind, but the New World Order is no such organization. It is a front for a few very wealthy people who see themselves as being exceptional and better than other humans.

  • Every system sounds good until mankind gets a hold of it

    Many people think communism and socialism sound great too. They kind of are in theory. Everybody works and everybody gets enough to live and grow. That is until our leaders decide that their piece of the pie should drastically be bigger than everyone's else because they are so darn important. I believe the new world order would be no different. Just like Capitalism is no different than Socialism and Communism. Mankind pretty much ruined capitalism too. If people think capitalism is still good, give it another 10 to 30 years.

  • New uniform, same socks

    Although many claim that the world is too fragmented and too attached to their respective cultures and beliefs, a New World Order would do little to quell the fighting between cultures and religions. A New World Order, while addressing political clashes, would have to make judgment calls in augmenting the balance of religions and cultures, which may be too cumbersome of a task to accomplish.

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