• Racist is as Racist does.

    How is that justified? How can a person view another person as an equal, yet cannot associate with them based on race? There is obviously an underlying racism behind this. It may not have manifested as hatred just yet, but this is definitely along the lines of general disdain for other races. If a person looks at another person and based on race instantly decides that they will not get along, that is racial profiling, discrimination, and ultimately racist.

  • You are in denial if you say no

    Racist people are already in denial and blind to the truth.
    "I don't get along with black people they do not share my values"
    What values? Getting drunk and playing in mud? Nascar?
    If you were on an island you would survive and you would become brothers. If you lived together you would see that you were not so different.
    You both need air you both need food and you both have wants and needs,

    And you both come from the same person. But if you cannot love your neighbor how can you love God.

  • It really depends

    Racism is defined as a belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Now to say that a person can't get along with people of different races would be insinuating that the aforementioned person has met all people of that all other races and can't bring himself to get along with any of them. It could be he lives and certain areas where people of the races he can't get along with act in an uncivilized manner. I as a black person can't get along with certain black people from a certain part of town because they think being a thug and always responding with violence is "cool".

  • That's Not An Indicator

    I do not believe a person is racist if they can't get along with people from different races. I believe if a person has problems getting along with people from different races that is probably a clear indication that they can't get along with people from their own race either.

  • No there are different levels of racism

    I think some people who are racist can't get along with those of another race but not most people. There are other forms of racism where a person can live next door, work with, and talk with a person of another race fine but are still racist. I think this is more of the type of racism we see today.

  • No a person is not rascist just because they can not get along with people from a different race.

    Many people have trouble getting a long with other people. Just because those people may be from a different race does not make it racism. To be considered racist a person needs to have a deep hatred for someone just because of the color of their skin. Not getting along with someone does not mean you hate them.

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