• Playoff creates a level playing field

    A BCS playoff will create a true championship winner among schools with great records at the end of the season. It allows for the best teams to face off and leave a lasting impression of what happens on the field overall. This way the number of complaints of worthy teams being left out would diminish.

  • Yes, a playoff system for the BCS would be beneficial.

    A playoff system for the BCS would be beneficial. We would get to see a true champion, like in (almost) all other collegiate sports. Schools would make more money since more teams would be in post-season games that mattered, and be able to put more more towards improving education. Cities would benefit from fans staying in hotels and participating in tourism events. Athletes would benefit by having more opportunities to showcase their abilities. NFL teams would be able to draft better by seeing how players play under higher pressure.

  • Playoff BCS Beneficial

    I personally think that the playoffs for he BCS would be beneficial because they have been doing good in the past and their overall the playoffs has been outstanding. I personally think that going into the playoffs for they would be beneficial to the BCS. I personally think that they would benefit.

  • Not another bowl game please.

    Injecting Playoff games into an already confusing and crowded schedule will not help anyone. People forget that their favorite college players are also college students with other obligations. There is more to life than just football. College players will play as hard as they can for four years, regardless of the outcome.

  • Shouldn't Be Needed

    The Bowl Championship Series sets up five bowl match-ups with an opportunity for the top two contenders to duke it out in the BCS National Championship Game. Next season is being changed to a four-team playoff, but I really do not believe this was necessary. I don't think there was a valid problem with the way it was done.

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