• Yes, a united Europe is important.

    As part of the European Union, it is very important for the UK to support a pro-European agenda. This will aid Europe in world affairs and in return the United Kingdom will benefit in several ways. As the world becomes smaller and more connected, regional alliances are more important than ever.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe a pro-European agenda should be adopted by Britain. The European continent and the countries contained within it are all neighbors to Britain and Britain has been involved with some of these countries for a long time. I think it makes sense to support neighbors. The same could be said of the United States supporting both Canada and Mexico.

  • The pro-european agenda should be adopted by Britain

    Britain is having some difficulty within its own borders. Scotland and Ireland are ever inching their way to independence, which would be a big hit in revenue. Britain could maintain heavy relationships with these countries while still affording them "independence," if they maintain a high level of european relations. The option to cut the rest of the continent off weakens Britain financially and diplomatically.

  • Yes, Britain should be pro Europe.

    I think that Britain should adopt a pro-European agenda. I think that since Britain is a part of Europe, it definitely should adopt a Pro-Europe type of atmosphere. They can benefit alot from it since they do a lot of their business with a lot of their neighbors in the continent.

  • Up to them

    Those in the United Kingdom have the right to pick what path they want instead of that of the European Union. The United Kingdom has adopted some pro European agenda things including that of actually joining the European Union in the first place but, they have the right to stop if they want.

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