Do you believe abortion is wrong under all circumstances?

Asked by: griesjen
  • Abortion is both disgusting and disappointing.

    From what I have heard, abortion is used by younger people that "had a crazy night" and got pregnant. Therefore they pay for abortion. THIS IS HORRIBLE. FIrst of all you are killing an embryo that can't defend itself in speech or action. Second, eeeewwwww. Who wants to kill something inside of yourself anyway? Bottom line is, if the government will pay so a stupid seal won't die, then how can they sit here and allow HUMAN babies die? For money might I add.

  • There is no excuse!

    Killing is such a morally wrong crime because it takes away ones future experiences and potential enjoyment--That's exactly what you're doing in abortion.
    So, saying "Abortion isn't really killing since its not an actual baby" is NOT a valid argument because abortion is just as morally wrong as killing

    Furthermore, you could put your baby up for adaption if you are unable to raise your child. If you unintentionally became pregnant, I understand there are reasons why you would be unable to raise your child--financial reasons for example--but that's not an excuse for an abortion. At least let your child have a chance in the world and put them up for adaption.

    To douse the fire. . . Yes, you are just removing that clump of cells or fetus or whatever, but its not about what it is, it's about what it will become. You don't say "I'm pregnant with a blastocyst", you say "I'm pregnant with a baby", because you know that the clump of cells developing inside you is going to be another human.

    I can't think of a single realistic common reason for an abortion, so its wrong in all cases

  • Abortion is Not Always Wrong

    No, I do not believe that abortion is wrong under all circumstances. There are many cirmcustances in which it is wrong, most notably simple convieniance, but in cases such as rape, incest, and where the health of the mother is at stake, I see no reason to force a woman to term with a pregnancy.

  • Not always, but usually

    Abortion under the reason of "I made a bad sexual decision" is wrong. There however are exceptions. If a mother's life is in danger, then aborting is okay. Beyond this people debate over if rape and/or incest is justification for abortion. I personally disagree, but this is more opinionated than most abortions, in which the answer is "its murder."

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