• Yes they do

    Yes, I think that if the people know that there is a speed camera then they will be more likely to slow down, which will make them not have as many wrecks as they would if they were going really fast and not paying a lot of attention to the surroundings.

  • Accidents definitely happen less frequently

    I do believe that accidents happen less frequently when speed cameras are present. The average person is always more careful when they know a speed camera is facing them. With the occasional accident once and again, not many accidents occur when speed cameras are involved. There should be more of them!

  • No, I don't believe speed cameras cause less accidents

    I believe people recongize that speed cameras are present but it does not really modify their driving habits if someone is going to drive recklessly they are going to drive recklessly if there is a speed camera or not, most people doubt the ability of the speed camera to actually give them a ticket so they don't concern themselves with them that much.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe accidents happen less frequently when speed cameras are present. I believe this is a false assumption because these cameras do influence drivers but they also distract drivers as well. I have seen accidents caused by drivers who are more concerned with the cameras and lights in an intersection than the other drivers. We shouldn't assume they solve problems.

  • Speed cameras do not prevent accidents

    According to some research, speed cameras actually increase the number of accidents. When there are speed cameras present, people are watching their speedometers instead of watching the road. As a result, there are more wrecks. The purpose of speed cameras is not to increase road safety, its to make money for the government.

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