• Yes, action is preferable to contemplation.

    Sometimes you can become so caught up in the pros and cons while contemplating that you lose the window of opportunity when action would have been appropriate. Contemplation is sometimes a tool that people use to keep from having to make any decision at all, making any action a moot point. I believe it is better to take action rather than waste the opportunity by contemplating.

  • Yes, action is better than contemplation.

    Yes, action is easily better than contemplation. Actions will get a job done and solve problems. Contemplation is just thinking about the problems. A person can think and hope all day long, but until something is done, nothing will change for the better or worse. Actions can be helped with prior contemplation to make better actions. In the end, action really is what means something.

  • Be peace first

    You cannot promote peace unless you have peace yourself. I know some many, For lack of a better term, Social justice warriors who insult and hate those they think are unjust, Only to peace both those they insult and those who may be sympathetic farther and farther away. Counter productive.

  • Actions can harm while contemplation can't

    Contemplation is better than action if one side only has to be chosen. This is because contemplation will not cause harm to a person, but a sudden action CAN cause harm. For example, thinking of hurting someone else does not actually hurt them, but taking action to hurt someone certainly does.

  • They Work Hand In Hand

    I believe it is impossible to tell rather action is better than contemplation or contemplation is better than action. Action, before being followed through on, should require some contemplation to some level because the action could be unjustified. I don't believe you can have one over the other, they are both equally important.

  • People need to think

    People need to think about their actions far more than they do today. People need to contemplate their actions and actually seriously consider ramifications rather than make their decisions based on emotions - something that is incredibly ill suited for making decisions on a very large scale, or with goals far away.

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