Do you believe actor Sean Pertwee was a good choice for the role of Alfred Pennyworth in Fox's Batman prequel, "Gotham"?

  • Basis for batman relationship

    This version of alfred makes his relationship with Bruce both compelling and believable. He grows with and shapes Bruce on his journey towards being the caped hero. Having a passive alfred would not make sense in this context - the relationship needs alfred to be forthright and someone Bruce would look up to. Sean does the job wonderfully

  • Yes the best choice

    He is one of my favorite actors and definitely my favorite character in Gotham. He is so handsome and lovely. I can not wait to see more of Sean Pertwee in Gotham. He is making an awesome job there and he is so gentle and he is just perfect in this Character as Alfred.

  • Yes Pertwee is the best Alfred

    I had never seen Pertwee in anything before so I have no basis for his previous work, but He does an excellent Alfred. During the first few Gotham episodes my husband and I thought Alfred was nuts but then we saw where the character was going and now Alfred is our favorite character in the show. Pertwee showed his acting chops best in the season 3 finale. Emmy worthy performance if it were up to me.

  • He's perfect for the role!

    This is how I have always seen Alfred. He needs to show Bruce the tough love. He needs to be a role model and parental figure. Sean was perfect for the role. Definitely the best depiction and cast choice for Alfred. Gotham got this one spot on! This almost makes up for them casting Jada pinket Smith. She's a terrible actress.

  • A great Job

    Yes, Sean did excellent in his role in the new bat man prequel. He is a very talented actor, and his personality fits the role of the character he had to play in this new movie. If you watch the movie you will see that he handled the part well.

  • He is complex.

    Yes, I believe that actor Sean Pertwee is a good choice for the role of Alfred Pennyworth in Fox's Batman prequel, because Pertwee is capable of playing complex characters. Alfred Pennyworth has a lot of depth, and the person chosen to portray him needs to be able to portray that death. Pertwee is up to the challenge.

  • Yes, I believe Sean Pertwee was a good choice

    Sean Pertwee is a phenomenally talented actor who has many decades of experience playing a variety of roles. He comes from an acting family and has grown up in the theatre. Sean Pertwee can play a variety of roles, and he brings a fresh and unique interpretation to the role of Alfred, which has been played by so many different actors.

  • Sure, it's a good choice.

    Yes, I think that Sean Pertwee was a good choice for the role of Alfred Pennyworth in "Gotham". Stuff like this really isn't at all that hard to cast, you know. His part is so minor to the plot to start with, and all the acting is secondary to the special effects.

  • Alfred isn't a cockney geezer, never was, never should be

    Michael Caine was ok, a less upper class version, but Pertwee portrays him as a cockney geezer in a tux. I understand changing a character to fit in with the times, but a mega rich family employing someone like Pertwee as a butler? Highly unlikely to put it mildly. Peace.

  • Not The Right Look

    I do not believe actor Sean Pertwee was a good choice for the role of Alfred Pennyworth in Fox's Batman prequel, Gotham. I say this purely based on the fact that I do feel as though he has a look that coincides with how most people envision the character of Alfred.

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