• yes it would

    yes, i think that a arm of this agency would do a lot of good, and that it would help out a whole lot of people that are trying to stay safe, and that they would catch a whole lot of people that would be trying to break the law.

  • Yes, adding an enforcement are to the ICC would be helpful.

    I definitely think that adding an enforcement arm to the ICC would be helpful. What is the point of having the rules and regulations that the ICC has if there is not an effective way to enforce them. I definitely think if an enforcement arm were added, it would help the ICC.

  • Yes, I do.

    It would be wise to add an enforcement arm to the ICC. They need some kind of enforcement when they have criminals that commit crimes against humanity on trial. They should have them on standby at all times in case something goes wrong with these terrible criminals. Crimes against humanity should not be treated easily.

  • Acronyms Are Not Your Friend

    A Google search for ICC yields two different results. Are we referring to the International Criminal Court or the International Cricket Council. I'll assume we're talking about the International Criminal Court, although the proposed action of adding an enforcement arm to such a branch is entirely un-American. Americans wouldn't support this because it opens up the court to corruption.

  • It would lead to wars.

    No, I do not believe that adding an enforcement arm to the ICC would be helpful, because most of the time, the countries involved are willing to take care of business. When the ICC convinced Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq were more than willing to hang him. An enforcement wing would lead to too much power with the ICC.

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