• Yes ageism is a problem.

    I feel tha tageism is a problem in contemporary Amierca. Discrimination in any way shape or form is wrong, no matter if its about race, religion, sex, or age. One founding principal in leading a good life is to respect your elders. There are many things to be learned from elderly and this is why I feel ageism is a problem in contemporary America.

  • The young hate the old because they hate the young.

    Belonging to a specific age group assigns certain assumptions that most of the time are not remotely true. An elderly person does not necessarily have brittle bones and is at risk for breaking a hip. Similarly, young people are not habitually taking physical risks that may cause injury. The opposing side will still point to the other as a higher risk for breaking bones for the above listed reasons.

  • Yes ageism is a problem in America

    Ageism is a problem in a America because older people are no longer respected as much as they have been in the past. Society is ever-changing,and constantly moving, and technology advancing. Older people are perceived to be slow, resistant to change, and foreign to using technology. American society seems to view older people has burdens that must be catered to in the workplace,

  • Yes, I believe ageism is a problem in contemporary America.

    I believe ageism continues to be a problem in America in many different ways, I think both younger and older people are discriminated against in different ways primiarly in the different types of employment, many firms won't hire older workers for certain reasons and same with younger workers for certain reasons.

  • Yes, of course.

    Ageism is a problem in contemporary America, past America, and will be a problem in future America. Ageism has always been a problem and always will. People do assume that just because they are older they know more about everything. This is, of course, false--and, ironically, I learn this as I get older.

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