• Racial profiling is good but should be fair

    If any group of people were a potential threat at the time any group of people should be racially profiled in airports. It is true that some groups do get unnecessarily targeted, which is unfair. Once a groups threat is resolved and no longer seen as a threat they should not be racially profiled.

  • Yes, I think airport security checks should include racial profiling.

    While it is unfortunate if racial profiling is able to uncover more terrorists then non racial profiling then I think it should continue. I believe safety of airplanes is a very important issue and sometimes extreme security measures must be taken to ensure that everyone on that plane is on there for peaceful reasons.

  • Yes, airport security should include racial profiling.

    I definitely think that airport security checks should include using racial profiling. It is only logical to think that if most of the people purposefully hijacking planes are of a certain race or group of people, then it would be beneficial to keep a closer eye on said individuals to prevent such things from happening.

  • This makes no sense.

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with people who are of a different skin color than Caucasians. Just because you see some black people doing wrong, it doesn't mean you should go and try to give them a worse time at the airport. What if they have sick family members to see?

  • Racial profiling has never been shown to work

    Racial profiling is ultimately about assumptions - and assumptions are the worst kind of security measures. Ultimately the major methods that contribute to security are experts trained in body language: shifty eyes, heavy sweating, twitchy-ness, et cetera. Combine this with brief questions to the traveller, and a multi-layered system of experts, and you get great high-speed security. It works marvelously for Israel.

  • To target someone based entirely on their race is wrong.

    I do not believe it is fair to profile someone based purely on their race. Although most of the recent terrorist attacks have been committed by Middle Eastern or North Africans, to imply that all Middle Eastern and North African people are potential terrorists is very unfair.Within the UK for example, I believe far more terrorist attacks overall have been caused by white Irish people, then Middle Eastern.

  • Fight against profiling

    We need to fight against racial profiling, because all it does is cause discomfort, discontent, and discrimination in society. Even if it is true that the major terrorist attacks that have occurred in America have been carried out by people of Arabic origin doesn't mean that people of other ethnicities aren't capable of the same acts.

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