• By definition, anyone who keeps a journal is a journalist.

    Who are we to tell someone whether or not they are a journalist? Just aspiring/employed media journalists vary in talent and ability, so do aspiring or paid bloggers. By definition, a journalist is "a person who engages in journalist; a person who keeps a journal". A well-respected or notable journalist takes talent and experience, but casual bloggers, by definition are journalists as well.

  • I think that bloggers are journalist,

    Some journalist make blogs that a few readers read or review there blogs and they get info from other place so they will know they are not wrong. Journalist make sure they aren't wrong because if they are nobody will believe them anymore so that why I think bloggers are journalist.

  • Bloggers are irrelevant yet think they aren't...

    Bloggers are punks who no one would have ever known about who write pure opinion. Especially sports bloggers. With nothing to write about they create the most foolish stories and speculation in the off season. Fact are a rarity and its all about a celebration of themselves. I applaud the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team for banning bloggers from its press meetings starting in late 2017.

  • Bloggers Are Not Journalists

    In my opinion bloggers are not journalists because, first of all bloggers give out the information for free. In the other hand journalists do it for a company and are payed. Also journalists have facts and a blogger is basically what they know and opinion. Finally bloggers don't want to be considered journalists so, why call then something they don't want to be called.

  • No they are not journalists

    A blogger is not a journalist, they are a blogger. I'm not saying this is a negative or positive thing, it just is what they are. There is no reason to mis classify them either way. Blogging and journalism are two different things and should be viewed as two different things.

  • No, all bloggers do not qualify as journalists.

    Everyone has a blog now days. Some are of higher quality than others. Just because a person writes their thoughts on a topic in a public site, that does not make them journalists. There is a huge difference between good, high caliber writing and a diary. I have seen a lot of blogs that fall into the category of diaries, not journalism.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe all Bloggers should be considered journalists. A real journalist checks their sources and also has their articles checked for bias and false information. Furthermore, they relentless check the grammar and punctuation of their articles before publishing and often have people to check these things as well. Bloggers can post anything without checking the facts, without removing bias, and without editing. They should not all be considered journalists.

  • A big difference

    There's a huge spectrum of bloggers, and people on the opposite ends of the spectrum are very different in their legitimacy. There are very serious and reputable blogs on the internet, but, honestly, due to the size of the internet, the bad far outweigh the good in relation to the news.

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