• Truth is what we need

    As entire civilization, with truth we can start balance basic needs for all life at Planet.

    Truth leads to seeing things as they are, which leads to shortest route of solving problems, which leads to shortest route to have benefit for all.

    No one is so special to be on power over others.

  • After a set time yes

    After lets say six years all goverment information is public record ( in this nation ) by the. Any plan will have been exicute already and this mass chaos thing is idiotic people should be able to handle stuff like this it didnt hurt us when we didnt know so if anything it will hurt us less now that we do know . This would speed up research and police inquiries alot faster and goverment corruption would be exposed and six years would be the maximum

  • The government works for us.

    Yes, I believe that all government secrets should be exposed, because the government should be at our will, no the other way around. The government should be subject to public scrutiny at every turn. There are things that the federal government is going that the public was livid when they found out about it. We need to know.

  • It is Dangerous.

    I do not agree on the methods of torture the CIA put forth. The people over the CIA should take care of this quietly. It isn't doing us any good and it will not do the country any good if everyone in the world knows what we do or when we do it. Other countries have used methods of torture. They don't tell us. We have people in intelligence in place to decide what to do with this knowledge. It seems like the people running the government now have to run to the media for everything..."By the way we are going to set up camp to torture information out of... We are going to send people in to bomb... And the time will be..." Some things need to be left unknown by them and us if there will be any success in anything our government does.

  • No, all government secrets should not be exposed.

    No, I do not feel all the government secrets should be exposed because of the negative consequence that can come from it. Everyone in the United States wants there freedom, but have no clue what it takes to keep their freedoms. Secrets are what keeps one countries above another and prevents danger to its citizens. The success of the secrets is numerous. We just can see the affects until years down the road.

  • Government secrets should not be exposed to everyone

    There are a lot of different issues people have to deal with everyday. This can range from a cultural standpoint as well as religious issues. Government has many issues of their own and everything that comes out may not be for good of society. This can be a huge issue if certain secrets get into the wrong hands.

  • They should not

    They should not because what if they have this war. They don't want chaos in the city. That would not help them. It is stupid if they would tell the public. Also in a day or so because of technology everybody would no and like i said it would be complete chaos.

  • No I don't.

    I do not believe that the government should reveal all of their secrets. I am sure that they have some secrets they have kept to themselves for our benefit. I do not think they do it just so they are the only ones with all the knowledge. It is probably with good reason.

  • No, they should not expose all secrets.

    Some government secrets are better to be covered up and hid from the public. Many people think that everything should be completely democratic and transparent, but in the world where we live this isn't possible and probably never will be possible. Some of that information keeps our country safe and releasing it would cause panic.

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