• Yes, there are lucrative aspects.

    Yes, I believe all governments should support Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Since NAFTA we have seen many companies move their operations out of the United States. Over the years more lines have blurred as companies strive for global presence. I believe there is potential in overseas mergers and start ups.

  • Yes, its the most direct road to development

    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rapidly increases a less
    developed country’s income per person, and helps it to modernize. FDI brings
    expertise and trained leadership skills as well as capital to countries that
    may lack all three assets. The impact of this kind of foreign investment is to
    spark a country’s own entrepreneurs, and
    start it growing and industrializing. Each country must control its own
    destiny, of course, by strictly regulating those who invest within its
    boundaries. Yet every government can do its people good by encouraging FDI.

  • Yes, all governments should support FDI.

    I think that all the governments in the world should support something like FDI. I think that such programs like FDI can be beneficial to the economy of a country as well as be a positive thing for international relations between countries. I do think that governments should properly research such deals though.

  • We don't need it.

    No, I do not believe that all governments should support FDI, because people should be able to self-insure. It's not like the old days where there was only one bank in the entire town and the people had to have all of their life savings there. People should be able to decide if the bank is solvent.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) are mostly about acquisitions and mergers in businesses across international borders. I believe foreign direct investments encourage the creation of super companies that actually do more to harm world economies, rather than help them. I think the world economy is better off with locally owned, smaller businesses.

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