• Absolutely yes; Humans do all things for self-benefit.

    Think about the last time you’ve donated something to a charity or donation facility such as GoodWill. Was it something brand new that you had purchased? Or was it something you have used for a while and no long need? Chances are, The latter is most likely. In that case, You are not truly promoting the good of others because the items you donate are no longer of use to you. Since you can’t use it, You decide to share it. You first. Others second.

    How often do you encounter “pushovers” (people who always bend over backwards for others, Often at the expense of themselves)? Probably regularly, Right? Well, You may be thinking that these people people that humans aren’t only thinking in service of themselves. That’s untrue. The “pushover” personality type makes others feel good because it makes them feel good. If they didn’t have that warm feeling one can get from helping others, They likely wouldn’t do it at all. Or maybe they’re scared of what would happen if they didn’t give up their seat at the lunch table. To avoid that kind of discomfort at their own expense, They accommodate others.

  • Many do but not all people.

    A lot of people will not bother with another person if they have no personal gain to achieve from it. There's always something in it for them, Acts of kindness are rare. Say for example you make a mistake, Leads to fall out. If that person had the benefit of making up with you and actually cared, They would later seek to rekindle and apologise. Yet, If someone never truly needed you around and didn't care. They'd drop you immediately.

    I'd say there is still a lot of very thoughtful actions not done for someone's own gain or benefit, Yet there is a hard line between someone doing it genuinely and someone doing something like say, Donating to charity as its good publicity.

    I don't have any references to back up my claims unfortunately but from my own experience most people just seem to be not very genuine at all and will use you and then get rid of you if you are slightly bothersome or have no gain from continuing anything with you. We all share this trait in some in ways, Others are just far too kind that they get walked all over.

  • Yes they do

    Anything and everything they do would somehow related to helping themselves which is totally ok. The only thing that would be different is when they would do something that doesn’t make them go out of their way. There is always a catch when you get free help from someone. So yes

  • Doesn’t mean people are selfish:

    Yes, I do believe humankind (or any living things in general) only do certain things for others, If it’s beneficial to them. Whether that means earning money, Being loved or appreciated by others or even just being able to tell yourself you’re a good person. Like for example: holding open a door. No, That doesn’t directly benefit you. You won’t get paid for it, Maybe you’ll get a thank you, But doing so will make you feel like you’re a better person. It contributes to how good you feel about yourself. Or if others think you’re a good person.

  • Yes, all humans do things which are beneficial to them.

    People don't care about the happenings around them and won't trouble themselves to stand up against the oppressed nor bring the wrong-doers to light. Their first priority is to benefit themselves. Suppose if they are helping others, so there will be a reason behind their generosity which will be definitely productive for them.

  • People are evil

    People in this world are so blind we get annoyed when we dont have phone service when other people in the world are getting angry about not haveing water to drink or food to eat no wonder why isis is killing people mabe if we went over there and helped them insted of bombing them they might grow respect for us dont be greedy give to the needy

  • Process of evolution

    Nature knows only one thing, and that is to protect ones self at all costs. And to do this, every living thing will do what is necessary to carry on its
    own existence. This is the way nature works, for without it, individual species would not exist in this world.

  • Humans are inherently selfish.

    Humans will strive to protect their in-group members first as the first priority. Having a sense of security in a community will enable them to survive in the world. Therefore, what they do benefit themselves because they do it to protect themselves and only secondarily to protect others who are interdependent with them.

  • Yes, all humans are motivated by self interest.

    I think humans do things for or help others because of personal benefits that they can get by doing such things. It can be directly or indirectly. If we do something for someone it makes us happy, it gives us pleasure or maybe if we do it it's to avoid pain, nevertheless, we do it to benefit ourselves.

  • Yes, I believe humans do things to benefit themselves.

    I think no matter what action it is every human will do something to benefit themselves either slightly or outright, I think it's a psychological tick inside each human to desire this and they may not even be aware of it until they looked back at it and thought about it.

  • No, I do not.

    I do think that human beings can be very selfish, and this comes from our evolutionary past and the drive for survival and competition. But, people can also be very selfless. Even small things like holding a door open for someone. That benefits the person in no way at all, whatsoever.

  • Please tell me why I’ll feel sad if this is true

    If the reason why I feel guilty and I feel like I shouldn’t even exist is cause everything I do for my family and friends are all for my own personal benefit, Is because; I think this way for my own personal benefit, Then I’d like to vote yes. (I’m deep)

  • I don't think that people decide to behave to benefit themselves, but I do think they think and behave in such away that benefits themselves

    Most humans are socially and evolutionarily programed not to think in terms of how does this benefit me. Anyone who did would be unusual. However, humans are rarely completely aware of why they do things. When you hold a door open for another person you do so because it feels like the right/polite thing to do, and this is why you make the decision to do so. You are not aware that by showing good manners, you are broadcasting the signals, 'I am not hostile' and 'I was brought up in accordance to the social norms you where' and 'judging by my manners, I am more likely to be from a higher class'. You chose (and many individual would choose) to be polite. But you felt compelled to act this way, and the notion of politeness came about to reafirm and fortify your social position, a selfish end.
    You might also do something because your empathy makes it feel good, and your empathy exists to hold you in a mutually beneficial social group, without considering why you are doing it or what to wider consequences are. Seeking your own pleasure (physical or psychological) is selfish, but I think that if you invaded someone's consciousness you would find no awareness of their ulterior motivations, and a complete belief that their empathy-compelled actions where for the benefit of another. People are not completely conscious entities.
    Also, remember that any behaviour that didn't have some kind or of benefit to its host would be selected out over time, and that the human brain takes shortcuts, so sometimes makes mistakes and acts againt itself.

  • Humans are very diverse, we do not all think or act alike...Thank goodness!

    Research has indicated that, yes, the majority of people do think only of themselves, their families and whatever circles they belong to such as a church, occupational organization or political party. But about 40% of the population have far fewer biases as to whom they will help. Many also see the value and benefit of working towards goals as a much larger population and how fewer suffer if more are willing to give.

  • Luna's Maxim states:

    People do not do things to benefit themselves, people do things to benefit people like themselves. Thus a government of firemen would benefit firemen and not each of the members individually. Within a family, parents care for their children and do not neglect them because their children are like them, that is they share the same genes.

  • Not all things. Some things yes. Which is good

    If someone takes care of you or gives money to a homeless person, they don't do it to benefit themselves. They are trying to help the people in need. People do some things to benefit themselves. For example, a student can study harder to get better grades, which will get her a better education. Which will benefit her education and financial stability, because if she has a good job she can pay the bills for her family. That's clearly not a bad thing. Everyone wants to benefit themselves. A bad benefit is someone cheating other people out of their bank accounts so they can get rich. That is benefitting ur self but in a bad way. People just may benefit themselves in different ways.

  • Not at all

    I would say that a great majority of the things that we do benefits us greatly, whether benefits our life goal or financially. However, sometimes people do things simply to try to make the world a better place and to help out others. People who do charity work are a great example of this.

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