• Yes They Do

    I believe all humans do have the right to health care, but at the same time the access is limited to the local culture. If you're speaking about someone living in a tribe, cut off from the world, then they more than likely have their own doctor. In these communities, they usually have a doctor of some kind and that doctor treats everyone in the tribe. This should translate when society becomes large, everyone is important. Everyone needs health care.

  • Yes, absolutely yes.

    Every single country in the world should do what is right and follow Canada. When you decide to be the ruler of a country, you should do what is right and keep everyone safe and healthy. No one should ever be denied health care for any single reason. It should always be free.

  • Yes, all humans have the right to health care in our modern society

    Yes, all humans have the right to health care. I believe that our modern society has evolved to the point where we should actively improve the quality of life. Health care is an important aspect of living that everyone deserves. In fact, providing health care for everyone, is a great way to prevent disease and not just treat it.

  • Universal Healthcare is good

    The providing of health care should be universal. What we're really talking about is whether or not those that can't afford health care should have it subsidized by the state. The answer is yes. Disease doesn't discriminate. A virus recognizes no boundary between the affluent and the poor. It has been shown in a number of studies that healthier populations are more productive populations. Such an idea should be intuitively obvious, but I guess not.

  • Depends on the nation.

    You can go ahead and say everyone deserves health care, but it really matters on the agenda of the regime. Of course, health care is beneficial and will help people with their health problems and, of course, is important in society. However, health care isn't free, neither is Universal health care, and will cause the tax rate to go up for everyone to pay for it. If your willing to pay this tax then go ahead and say, "Health care is important, we need it now." But understand that some may not want the tax rate to go up. Some people aren't or may never need health services for like 10 years until they get a disease and need it treated. So some people may ask themselves if I have to pay taxes on this care for others and I don't need it, why pay it.

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