• It's clearly capitalist

    "Our government takes a lot from us in taxes, And we should expect more social services in return. "

    I think that the way taxes are handled is questionable, But compensation is not the answer. Better tax systems are. I think, All due respect, That you want to both improve things while simultaneously "abandoning ship. " What I mean is that it seems like you think the tax situation is a lost cause and therefore want compensation, But at the end of the day, More social services is a short term fix, While fixing the terrible tax system is the long term solution. It's not easy, But every day we wait to change things it gets harder. Don't burn other peoples homes and businesses, Throw taxed tea you already paid for overboard while wearing an Native American garb and giving the guy on the ship a new lock since you broke one to get to the tea (true story).

    I like de-monopolized capitalism, Universal healthcare is forced labor/obligation for doctors and patients, And don't riot.

  • A Capitalist Country

    For people that have actually been to or lived in a socialist country it is easy to see that the United States is clearly capitalist. Unfortunately this has caused a lot of recent problems with out economy and our businesses, especially the larger corporations. For those that love capitalism, please take it. I'm ready for a more socialist environment where I can be treated like a human being.

  • America is more capitalist than socialist.

    An empircal economy of any kind is going to be a mixture of different economic philosophies. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a capitalist or socialist economy as such economies exist in theory. The U.S. however does not impose many limits (both in regulation or taxation) that socialist nations do and, on average, leans towards freer markets than socialist nations.

  • Yes, America is a capitalist country.

    Although there are some socialist elements to our structure (most recently an attempt at providing universal healthcare), we still operate in a highly capitalist way. There is a tremendous amount of economic disparity in our country. The barriers to starting a small business are relatively low. Compared to many parts of the world, our tax rates are relatively low. Overall, we are definitely a capitalist country.

  • Unfortunately, we're too capitalist.

    America is not even close to being a socialist country, which is sort of a problem. We love our free market, and I'm not opposed to it. But the belief that most Americans have when it comes to paying taxes and welfare is toxic. We're not all temporarily inconvenienced millionaires waiting for a payout. Our government takes a lot from us in taxes, and we should expect more social services in return.

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