• Yes America Is Better

    Yes I believe that America is better than any other country and yes I think that America is better than any other country all around the world ok because since America has the largest military America is better than any other country all around the world ok ok ok bye

  • America the warlord

    American is the biggest warlord in the world. The US is constantly at war , War on terror, war on crime, war on drugs. The country is the modern day Sparta. The US lives and breaths war this country loves war so much because its the only way the US can make any money. When the US isnt in war the debt amount rises and so does unemployment

  • America is turning in a joke

    America used to be the greatest country of the world for a long time due to their economy after WW2 but in this time. Guns, Being 'World Police', Standard Of Living, Poverty, culture and overall safeness seems to be in decline and a comedic laugh in other developed counties who view America. Living in Australia I feel safe out at night, my children don't need to worry about guns at school and standard of living is second in the world (behind Norway) also I can tell my Prime Minister every obscene bad world without being punished. (just like in most other counties). I know America is first world but others like Australia New Zeland, Nordic and Western Europe and South Korea have possibly the same or better standard of living and free speech. Something that Americans are so up themselves that they don't know that another first world country exists.

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