Do you believe America is headed in the right (yes) or wrong (no) direction?

  • Yes, I think America is headed in the right direction.

    While there will always be hiccups and deviations from the path I think that America in general is headed in a good direction, the technological and medical industries will drive the nations future economic and job growth and the US Government will continue to scale back in an effort to start paying down some of the debt.

  • I think we are heading in a better direction.

    I don't believe that things are perfect in America by any means, but I do believe that we are headed in a better direction than we have been. The economy is steadily improving, LGBT people are getting more rights in society, poor people are getting insurance; some for the first time in their adult lives. Things are improving here.

  • America is heading in the right direction

    It is my opinion that America is heading the right direction. In the last century America has evolved into a global super power, and the last two decades have tested that title. I feel that America is moving in the right direction towards bringing democracy and freedom to developing nations through its foreign policy.

  • In the right direction.

    The reason America is going in the right direction is because wages are improving again, more people have healthcare, the GDP is still growing, we still lead in science and technology, and crime is at almost-historic lows. This is a great trend, and if it all continues, expect America to continue being great.

  • A dark path is ahead

    America is heading down a dark path, and it all starts with education. The government has set the education standards through Common Core, and its bad. I'm for localized education, with very high standards. Unemployment is very bad as well. The unemployment rate is much worse than what is being reported. It scares me how socialists want to raise the minimum wage. That will worsen the unemployment rate. It is already hard enough to find a well paying job. The threat of ISIS is growing everyday, and they inherit more firepower each day, and this is due to a weak foreign policy. I understand President Obama wants to stay out of a war, but as the United States of America, we should not negotiate with terrorists. Another danger is gun control. What is the only thing to defend yourself against a tyrannical government? Guns. The 2nd Amendment grants us this right, and is shall not be taken away from us. That is my input, and if anybody would like to comment they are welcome to do so. God Bless.

  • Dangers Are Ahead

    We are treading in dangerous waters. And this danger is in all issues: fiscal, social, constitutional, etc...
    Under the current president, and with the current policies, the only near future I see is a big, intrusive government, with the enough influence and power to intrude on the lives of Americans daily.
    Our nation was founded on the principles of liberty, freedom, and equality (protection under the law). Heck, Thomas Paine, in his Common Sense, wrote that it is necessary to overthrow a government that has become too tyrannical and does not meet, but instead infringes, on the rights and needs of the people. Are we seeing something similar today, and throughout the course of recent American history? Our federal government has become too large and is having a direct impact on the lives of many Americans. They have "the power" to redistribute wealth through welfare programs, infringe on privacy rights through NSA spying, and intrude on the free-market through unnecessary social policies. The federal government is not equipped to meet the specific needs of people in their localities. That's why large bureaucratic laws, such as ObamaCare, are ineffective. Instead, help to the poor, unemployed, and needy should come mainly through private, charitable, and statewide organizations.
    What's even worse in the future is the availability of jobs for college graduates. Not only are many Americans unemployed, but how will many young people, and people in general, receive jobs with increased industrial automization. Piling on top of that is an immigration crisis, siphoning away many more jobs.

  • We are losing ground.

    I believe that America is headed in the wrong direction, because the only freedom that we have is to have abortions, to demand government handouts, and to have transgender operations. If someone actually wants to work hard, have a family, and practice Christianity, they are labeled intolerant and mocked by the rest of society.

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