Do you believe America lacks democratic values, despite having a democratic system?

  • Yes in some ways.

    Overall I think America has a lot of great democratic values and a good system set up compared to many other countries. However, I do think it could use some tweaking. At times the system seems weird, like we vote in who we want to vote for us? That is backwards.

  • Politicians Are Bought

    I believe America does lack democratic values despite having a democratic system. Within America it has become more than obvious that politicians often decide not to listen to the same people who voted them into office. This has become a huge problem in recent years as it has become more obvious that these politicians are swayed by the all mighty dollar.

  • No, America's a great democracy.

    I think America's form of democracy, which is called a Republic, is one of the better systems in the world still. We elect representatives and then the representatives vote democratically on our behalf. I do think part of the system is broken right now, and that's the Republican-controlled House of Representatives

  • For the people

    No, I do not think that the US lacks democratic values. The government here is truly for the people and by the people, and the majority of people who are running our country do what they think is best for this country, and try to help out the citizens a lot.

  • Not at all

    The US has a very strong democratic set of values - even if people don't partake, the values and morals are still there. People might not vote in any election at all, but imagine telling people they were switching away - people might not take it, but they'd fight for the right to have the option to make a decision.

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