Do you believe America was founded on the Bible?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Without a doubt Yes.

    Our Nation like it or not was founded on the Bible. This is so clear since the Ten Commandments are displayed on the Supreme Court and some of our Government buildings. George Washington talked about the Bible. Most of the law's this Nation were founded on were from the Bible.

  • Facts are Facts

    America was founded on the bible Like the comment above me says about the Ten Commandments being on our Government buildings and "in god we trust" is on the money The Constitution was also heavly influenced by the bible and like America's first president George Washington said "you can't run a country with out god and the bible".

  • Read a history book

    If you read almost any history book, it will say that America was founded on freedom of religion, not Christianity. Why is this even topic when we have clear evidence that says America was founded on Christianity astounds me. Don't take my word for it, read almost any history book.

  • No it wasn't

    America was founded by morally insane slave holding DEISTS AND/OR AGNOSTICS, NOT CHRISTIANS.
    Thomas Jefferson- Deist/agnostic
    George Washington- deist/christian
    Alexander Hamilton- Christian
    Ben Franklin- Deist
    James Madison- deist
    John Adams- Unitarianism
    James Monroe- Christian.
    So no, you are both wrong, none of our founding fathers were atheists, most of them were not christian, but all of them believed in G-d.

  • No, America was found on free religion, not Christianity

    Ok, in history America was found on free religion, the frist colonists were wanting to break free from 1 set religion people wanted to dab into the other existing religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. And making a statement about just Christianity is so small minded. So no America was not found on the basis of the Bible it was found on the basis of free religion.

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