• Privatization should be held up.

    American citizens should support privatization because it puts power in the hands of the people. The government would be too powerful if it controlled every aspect of industry. Government is good for making and enforcing laws, but private citizens are best at making and growing industry. We would not be a profitable country if the government ran business.

  • Yes, Americans should support privatization.

    I truly believe that Americans should support privatization. I think that privatization shouldn't be something that is viewed as always something negative. Every situation is different and privatization can be something that is not only beneficial for business, it can also be positive for some towns and cities in America.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe it is wise for Americans to support privatization. Privatization will do more to harm the economy than many other things. When utilities are privatized the prices go up and the firms concentrate on profit. This shouldn't be the case for utilities or anything that is a necessity in America.

  • No Americans should not support privatization

    Americans should not support privatization because it will enlarge the inequalities that are prevalent in society today. Racial inequality will increase as neighborhoods and businesses become more segregated from their ability to avoid federal guidelines that prohibit racial discrimination. In addition, privatization will also increase the income gap as the rich will become richer.

  • No - it will just cost us more.

    No, I absolutely do not believe American citizens should support privatization. I do not think privatization does anything more than switch management of a service to a company or consortium whose bottom line is increased profit for it's board members. With privatization you get less service, decreasing quality and upkeep, and steadily increasing rates.

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