Do you believe American military involvement in Iraq is more helpful (yes) or more harmful (no)?

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  • People are helped

    People have been helped in Iraq, even if there were people in the world far more in need of the help than them. People in Iraq were oppressed horribly by Saddam and deserved to live good and safe lives, even if the war was not the most ccarefully considered move.

  • Violence Is Suppressed

    One way to quiet a violent situation is to kill or imprison everyone who might consider participation. This seems to be the US approach. Whether this is more harmful or helpful would depend on who's point of view you are looking at it from.
    I will take the point of view of some one who is trying to live out a quiet simple existence without a lot of flash and ideology. From that perspective it seems whatever quiets down a bad situation is preferable to doing nothing, although possible not by all that much.

  • American military involvement in Iraq is more helpful.

    America did the world a great service by removing the brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein. He threatened the West with war, and he committed crimes against humanity against his own people. Saddam needed to go, and America decided to be the one to do it. History will vindicate the Iraq War.

  • Mainly due to new problems that arose.

    After the Iraq war, the U.S had left. But then 9/11 happened and dragged the u.S back to Iraq and its neighboring countries. After Saddam was stripped of power, a lot of extremist's started to appear. Now our soldiers have to deal with terrorists along with casualties. Soldiers, Thank you.

  • A Harmful Act

    I believe American military involvement in Iraq is more harmful than it is helpful. When we leave Iraq it is very unclear what will happen and it's possible that the control of the country could fall into enemy hands. Since we went in there without good cause we have caused upheaval above and beyond what was necessary.

  • American military involvement in Iraq has been harmful.

    When it comes to Iraq, America's military involvement has been more hurtful than helpful. With the presence of the American military in Iraq, Iraqis are upset. How would that make someone feel, to have a foreign military controlling their roads and conducting searches on their homes. America certainly wouldn't stand for it.

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