• It's better than nothing

    Ideally, I'd love to see a free market solution, but when it was just left up to the free markets, prices were going up well in excess of inflation. The ACA is a big bill, complicated and quite a bit of trouble, but any attempt at fixing health care costs is better than the old system, which was doing nothing.

  • I believe that Americans are better off with Obamacare.

    I believe that Americans are better off with Obamacare. It means that more people now have insurance that they could not afford with the old system. Many people are finding the extra money to be able to live on now that they do not have to pay so much for the insurance.

  • Obamacare Is Better

    I am currently a low-wage worker in the United States and because my state did not expand Medicaid, I still do not have health care simply because I can not afford the premiums. However, Obamacare is far better for America than the old system. Obamacare stopped insurance companies from refusing patients based on their medical problems, which on its own is enough to make the system better. Now, if they could please address the costs, especially the inflated costs, then we could actually solve the problem.

  • I hate the word Obamacare

    Americans are not better off with the affordable care act. The biggest reason is because it takes competition out of the market place. When companies must compete for business this drives down costs and encourage innovation. Obamacare removes this encouragement. The result will be higher premiums and more expensive plans. Also the system is flawed. There is not enough people putting money into the plans, than our taking out. It will cost tax payers billions of dollars a year to fund. It will also reduce jobs and create an incentive for people to make as little as possible to qualify for free healthcare.

  • No, the old system was better.

    I do not think that Americans are better off with Obamacare rather than the old system. I think that it makes it more difficult for people to get the best possible care for themselves should they ever need it. Having Obamacare will only clog the system and cause issues with medical clinics.

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