• Human cattle wage slaves thats what we are

    Ive worked as a software developer for 28 years, Now that im over 35 i cannot get hired, The last 5 jobs ive worked owe me over 25k for falsely misrepresenting me as a contractor, Which i took because i was tired of being marginalized and homeless. You are a wage slave to ceos who make billions and do not support their own countrymen, Instead import millions of forien workers to keep their costs down, While at the same time housing costs go up insomuch that the common citizen cannot even afford housing without working 2-3 jobs. You are a slave because you give all your time to a corp who only sees you as a liability and cuts you as soon as a cheaper option comes along leading you to homelessness with no way out!

  • Indeed we are!

    I don’t think most people that responded understood the question.

    Of course we have a choice to work or not but that is not how I took what you were asking.

    We are enslaved by our corporations because they control everything. From healthcare to entertainment, There is not an aspect of our life that isn’t controlled by the corporate powers. They control what we see, Hear, Eat, And smell. They control the government. They line the pockets of legislators and senators and push their agenda on our politicians via lobbying. We are the puppets and the corporations are our masters. Kingdoms of fossil fuels and sugar water. America is corporate imperialism at its finest.

  • It's not just about working for one of these companies.

    Where ever we work, what ever we buy, we just keep adding to the suffering of the poor. Even if you work for the local economy, in some way, however indirect it may be, you will not escape using some of the material obtained from foreign countries. Corporations like Nestle keep pumping out water from developing countries for their water bottling monopoly, and over here in the states they make safety a priority, but in the land where they get their cocoa from, they use child labor and many of them get injured from using their machete blade, but they do not recieve help from Nestle. No matter what you buy, where you work, you will be contibuting tax dollars, and with that same money, indirectly or directly, it feeds the corporations. It's also a cycle, we have many poor immigrants come into the states to find a job and make money, but in the end, they themselves end up contributing back to the poverty of others. All of you here voted no for the question. It's no wonder why we are still enslaved. There was a quote by Lincoln that went something like "The corporations have been enthroned...We will all be enslaved by them."

  • No, Americans are not enslaved by their corporations.

    As much as people want to complain about big corporations, people need to also realize that they have the free will to decide not to be a customer or source of income for these entities. It is a lot easier for some people to blame somebody else for their problems.

  • enslaved by their corporations

    I personally disagree,No, I do not think that this will end up being a good idea at all. I think that how things were working was great, and now that people keep changing it they are going to mess it all up. I think that they need to go back to how it was.

  • Not at all

    No, we are not slaves to there corporations at all. You do not have to work at one of them, and if you are working at one of them you can walk out at any time and never come back. People choose where they work and what they like to buy.

  • Most of Americans are corporate slaves, not all.

    Generalized statements that include all of American citizens is just as bad as racism. The majority of Americans are enslaved by corporations, but some are not. Those few that still create and market things in local economies avoid having to succumb to the corporate masters. In fact, if Americans would revitalize efforts that focus on local economies rather than contributing to corporate gains, they may just be able to take the country back. They will have to pay more for a higher quality product, but in the end the deal is better.

  • Nobody forces you to work.

    No, I do not believe that Americans are enslaved by their corporations, because people have the choice to work for a corporation or not. A person decided to work for a corporation because the person likes what the corporation has to offer them and thinks that the work will improve their life. Corporations have to entice people to work for them.

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