• It works for the rest of the world.

    Yes, I believe that Americans should use more soy, because Americans drink a lot of milk from cows, and a lot of people are intolerant to cow's milk and they have a lot of stomach problems. Soy helps with digestion. People the world over like it so Americans should use it more, too.

  • Yes, Americans should use more soy.

    I think that Americans should definitely use more soy. I think that there are a lot of benefits to using soy-based products. Some people who can't really drink dairy-based products can instead used soy-based products as a good substitute. Plus soy food can be healthy as well for some people.

  • No, I do not.

    There are a lot of problems associated with soy that do not make headlines. For example, it can increase estrogen in men and there are a lot of soy allergies out there. Maybe it would be a better alternative to all the corn-based products, but I somehow doubt it. So no.

  • No, because there are too many problems.

    Soy is a fine addition to a balanced diet, but as with so many other things the culture gets fixated on something and then it is added to everything. This causes an allergic reaction in many people. Also, as a phyto estrogen, it is not good for young males to have too much of this.

  • We Use A lot

    I believe soy is used for many good things in America and I know we use a lot of it because I know there are large quantities grown in the Midwest. I do not believe Americans should feel obligated to eat more soy or find more uses for it. We already use it proficiently.

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