• America loves attention grabbers.

    American society is all about valuing extroverts over introverts. In the United States, someone who just wants to keep to themselves is seen as being defective. We seem to have some national sickness that makes us value people who draw attention to themselves over those who maintain quiet dignity. We really should work on changing that.

  • Extroversion is very American.

    Americans value extroversion more. This is because the country is super-capitalistic and capitalism often highly depends on aggressive, outgoing people to make money. Introverts do also have a place in the United States, but they are not quite as valued as the go-getters that fill the corporate and political arenas.

  • Extroverts get attention.

    I believe that Americans value extroverts more than introverts, because people will big personalities are more likely to get ahead. This is true even if the introvert is better at doing the job. It is true even if the job is something that requires no personality. Extroverts are preferred because they demand more attention.

  • Extroverts Win always

    People place more value on an outgoing personality they find them more charming warm gregarious and witty someone they want to be near or with fun type a winner while the introvert is viewed as a bit strange antisocial not liking to be with people kinda boring and seem dumb ackward in social situations a loser perhaps a psychopath but the opposite could be true of both

  • Extroverts are more valued

    I can feel the difference coming from Europe. Over there they prefer introversion they think if you are too loud you are dumb and not able to control your behavior. I am not saying that is right. But I also think it is not right to prefer extroverts here. Even if I try to make friends I feel like I need to be more loud and more outgoing if I wanna be accepted. It is awful to live in the US as an introvert. I am going back to Europe.

  • Extroverts a little more

    The stereotype here in America is that the extroverts are the outgoing, outspoken, natural born leaders. Whereas the introverts are often stereotyped as the shy, quiet, yet intelligent, more artistic people. These stereotypes are not really correct, but they are treated as such. I think it is portrayed that introverts have been some of our favorite people in history, but regardless extroverts are treated a little better generally.

  • Yes, extrovertion is the key to many opportunities in America

    Yes, Americans value extroverts much more than introverts. Extroverts are seen as more fun, more likable and tend to have more opportunities. When you apply for a job, having a fun, bubbly, charming personality is pretty much a requirement. People who come across as shy or quiet won't get the job over the outspoken person. It is unfair to not give someone a job simply because they are not as bubbly or as loud as the other person. Introverts may be more reserved
    but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get a job they are qualified for.

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