Do you believe anti-Muslim violence is due to fear and prejudice (yes) or a bona fide reaction to suicide attacks (no)?

  • Not All Muslims are Extremists

    In general, Muslims are not extremists and do not endorse violence against anyone. Anti-Muslim violence is a reaction predicated in fear and prejudice and not a reaction to suicide attacks. Did Massachusetts pass anti-Muslim legislation after the Boston Marathon bombings? Did New York pass laws restricting Muslims after the 9-11 terrorist attacks? No on both counts because the United States doesn't react out of fear. Two wars during the 2000s were due to warmongering in the Bush administration, not a prejudicial reaction to fear of the unknown.

  • Fear And Other Things

    While I believe it is natural to have a negative reaction to suicide attacks, I do not believe anti-Muslim violence is the sole source of those reactions. I believe people who identify as anti-Muslim do so mostly out of prejudice, but I assume fear could be part of. The Islamic faith is alien to these people and they've heard and been so many lies about it, that they are bound to have a negative reaction.

  • It has more to do with 9/11

    A country attacked us on that day -- Afghanistan. So I don't think it's hatred, but fear. It's not like Jim Crow when white people had a sense of entitlement, at the expense of blacks, Italians, Spanish, Germans, etc. I think here many people are genuinely concerned about this religion. Strangely enough though, for all the reputation the South has for being racist -- it wasn't the South that al-Qeida attacked. It was New York.

  • I think its the attacks

    I think people are scared of what happened at 911. The anti Muslim movement is so easily judged, because they stick out. It would be much harder if Muslim looked like a every day person. The world will always hate the different and all we need is a excuse to hate, its just human nature.

  • Reaction to suicide attacks.

    Here are the facts: the Muslim religion is currently the most violent faith on the planet and has carried out thousands of terrorists attacks since September 11, 2001. Literally thousands all across the world. The anti-muslim violence is a consequence of this and, quite simply, the existence of religion in general.

  • An eye for an eye.

    I do not believe that anti-Muslim violence is due to ear and prejudice, and rather I believe that it is a bona fide reaction to suicide attacks, because Muslims are the ones that preach violence. If they want to enforce and impose their religion by hate, they should be able to take a few attacks back.

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