Do you believe anxiety disorders are real (yes) or just a matter of willpower (no)?

  • They Are Real

    I have always hated the fact that I have anxiety, but with that experience I can certainly tell you that anxiety disorders are real, it has absolutely nothing to do with willpower. My anxiety doesn't stop me from interacting but it does keep me away from society more than the average person. I've learned to be happy with myself and what I have, I couldn't care less what others think or expect.

  • I believe anxiety disorders are real and not just a matter of willpower.

    I believe anxiety disorders are real and not just a matter of willpower. Anxiety disorders are classified as mental disorders. For the most part anxiety disorders manifest when a person fears and worries about the events of a current situation and a develops irrational fears about what might happen and develop an anxiety disorder.

  • I know the feeling.

    Yes, I believe that anxiety disorders are real, rather than a matter of willpower, because I understand what that was like. It is very hard to find your self so stressed out that you can't think. It is hard to not be able to get through the day. A person with an anxiety disorder would love to not have one, but they don't know how.

  • Yes, anxiety disorders are real

    Anxiety disorders are real, not just a matter of no willpower. If you have ever seen someone in the middle of a full-blown panic attack, you would realize that it is real. Some anxiety, of course, can be controlled by the individual. We all have moments of anxiety or panic that we control and get past. But some people have uncontrollable anxiety that is debilitating and is not something they can control by simply wanting to.

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