• Prove the earth is round.

    (Pardon my English and Writing, English is my second language) I agree that the flat earth theorists have their exaggerations. Dont be so close minded hear them out. Why jump to the conclusión of our planet being round? How about you yourself prove that it is round.

    You say we have satellite images. What satellite images? I took the liberty into googling "Earth". Only found a few, noticed they all seem perfectly.

    Isaac Newton himself didn't believe the Earth was round. Don't have sources. But I did get this article. Disprove it doesn't have bulges and is round as they come. Let me continue on with the pictures. Wher's the so called space debree. The last thing I heard, we were sorrounded by debree, making it hard for satellites orbeting the planet..... One more thing, I thought we had stars, why is there nothing around the planet? Just pitch black.

    You could say they were photoshoped, maybe... But were are the originals? I would love to see them. See how the earth really looks.

    Proving the earth is round is a waste of time. You haven't been to space, you haven't seen Earth. Its ridiculous hearing this from my compatriots... "We have pictures", you say. Really?

    Disproving the Earth is flat because you " believe", you can't see farther than the horizon, because the roundness of Earth blocks your new? .... Ever heard of linear perspective? No? I'll give an example as an explanation. Imagine your on the flat plain. Ever noticed that an item that gets farther away looks smaller? It will get smaller and smeller, until it gets to the vanishing point. It will disappear out of your view. But I'll give you this.... If the Earth is flat. Let's do an experiment.... Lets get a very powerful microscope and point it at the horizon. Can we see anything beyond? Mind you... If you are able to see beyond, that disproves the round earth. I thought if something was round, it is at an angle.. We shouldn't be able to see at an angle lower than us.

    To the one who wrote "has no edge".Bro, we have a vinshing point.

    Plz be open, read, do some math. Don't explain something on beliefs. Educated people look into thongs first.

    I'm ashamed of my fellow humans.

  • Yes, earth is not a spinning globe or ball.

    Globe or ball earth is hoaxes and lies. Flat Earth Society arguments agree with the revelation of the only true and faithful source of information the Bible. Job 37.18 "Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass? And there are many more confirmations from scripture. Rev 6.14 -17"14. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16. And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17. For the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?"

  • The earth is flat

    Just accepting a round globe because you've been told that doesn't make it true. Flight paths, size of Antarctica, our inadequate eyes" don't see" more than they "do see" light bends in magnetic field. Fly me around Antarctica then across it that will confirm my suspicions that the world is flat we only perceive it round from high above it. With human eyes that don't see well

  • Circles don't exist

    Circles don't exist so Spheres can't exist. Simple as that. Nasa is lying. You're all hallucinating the prospect of a round figure. Prove it to me that circles exist. If camera lenses are circular, and circles don't exist, the photos Nasa are showing us is a lie. No circles= No spheres. No spheres= No round earth. Checkmate.

  • If a globe is true, why can't I get a good view

    NASA just has to simply give us a picture from inside a space ship out a window over looking the earth. Why do I still get complete CGI pictures of my own planet? Why are astronauts not swearing on the bible and punching people in the face when asked about going to the moon? Why cant i get a 360 degree panorama of the surface of the moon? Why why why? Why can't nasa answer any questions?

  • No concrete evidence for either side; however...

    "Flat Earth" movement seems to have brought up some good questions:
    - Why can I see all of the Chicago skyline almost 60 miles away over lake Michigan, standing at lake level? - There are also many other examples of seeing things beyond the "curvature" of the Earth.
    - If we have sent numerous shuttles and probes into space, why do we not have real photos of Earth, but rather CGI (excluding Apollo 17 picture which may or may not be real)? You would think real pictures of our home would be plentiful by now.
    - NASA is not credible given all of the evidence against us landing on the moon - conduct your own research to see what I mean. No one at NASA has actually provided scientifically backed answers for any of the tough questions about inconsistencies with the supposed moon landing. Lack of credibility does not debunk spherical earth, but it definitely hurts the argument when NASA is sourced as proof in its favour.

    None of the above prove that the Earth is flat, but they sure do force some of us to want to find out the truth for ourselves.

    I think one solution would be to build a 3D compass (if that doesn't already exist). Does a compass point North through the Earth's crust when near the equator? Or off into space? (look at a globe to see what i mean). I think this is a legitimate question for which a legitimate answer can be provided.

  • It Has Always Been FLAT

    The modern "cult" of science has everyone believing in gravity and a ball earth. This is total nonsense. The ball earth and outer space is a fantasy. It is difficult to let go of the dogma because it has been taught from such a young age, but make no mistake, the earth is FLAT. It has always been flat. Your belief is not required.

  • The building blocks

    Some thing flat earth theorists forget is atoms the buildings blocks of the earth are round so would it not make since that the atoms would revert to the easiest form a sphere to say it's flat is a terrible notion if you spread something large enough on the scale they are talking about you would have a problem our atmosphere would not exist because a dome of a atmosphere would be unstable and it would collapse.

  • The earth is flat

    Fellow humans. Rise and let us rejoice in annoincing and proving our dumb species that the earth is flat. Our shoes are flat and if the earth is round, Then we would just fall off. Also, When i crash my plane is google earth, Below the ground is just black space. Therefore, Earth is flat

  • The Heliocentric Model in Question

    A Swiss-Belgium physicist/explorer August Piccard attained a height of 52000 in a balloon. It was reported in a 1931 Popular Science article that he stated that when he viewed the earth through a porthole that it seemed to be a “flat disk with upturned edges”.

    Many insist they can detect earth’s curvature from airplanes at roughly 28-35,000 ft. Yet, most scientists insist the curvature can only be viewed at height of no less than 50,000 feet. This height falls well within height attained by Auguste Piccard in 1931.

    Ships that are thought to have gone over the curvature of the earth when viewed from the shore can be clearly seen when viewed through binoculars or zoom camera.

    On July 21, 2015, NASA released a new Blue Marble photograph taken by a U.S. Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR). A tweet from the White House admitted that this was only the 2nd full picture of the earth in 42 years! All of the other pictures were composites or artist renderings. Does this sound reasonable to anyone?

    The Jesuits adopted the Copernican theory of a heliocentric earth in their curriculum as early as 1525. This was prior to Copernican's death in 1543. The idea that the Catholic Church resisted the ball earth model is pure fiction.

    Does any of this prove the earth is flat? No. But it does place in doubt the information we have been given. Do your own research. You might be surprised by what you discover.

  • They don't have a predictive model, And also don't understand the current one.

    For argument 1, They don't have a model. Every time someone tries to create one, That flat earth model does not explain or predict phenomenon as well as the one currently supported by science.

    For the second argument, Many seriously believe we use the 8in/mi^2 as an actual model. Even a toddler could see a problem with that kind of linear relationship. . . If we were trying to cover something up, We certainly wouldn't utilize that as a literal mathematical representation of curvature and distance. . .

  • The earth is either actually a globe, or for all intents and purposes should be considered a globe

    All it takes to see that the earth's shape is consistent with a spherical model is going up in an airliner, bringing a builder's level or theodolite app, and observing that from cruising altitude the horizon line is declined 3+ degrees in all directions and appears as such from anywhere on the planet. The only shape this observation is consistent with is a sphere. A horizon line cannot wrap 360 degrees around the observer, be declined in all directions, and still be perfectly flat... The curvature is a basic geometric truth even if it's too slight to be undeniable by a biased observer with a limited field of view. It also helps that a spherical star field over a spherical planet perfectly describes the positions and movements of all astronomical bodies, and that we can triangulate the position of geostationary satellites to the exclusion of all other positions, and that 100% of the flat earth 'proof' turn out to merely be presenting a photo or video that's totally compatible with mainstream science (but just not the narrators erroneous understanding of mainstream science...) Either the earth is a globe, or an omnipotent trickster God is with 100% consistency giving us physical observations and results that are consistent with a globe in effect making it a globe to us for all intents and purposes... In either case this means that the world is a globe and not flat (and people need to stop getting their worldview from uneducated YouTubers who present flat earth religious dogma as though it were fact.)

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  • Gravity and toilet swirl

    I think its obvious that the gravity explanation provided by the flat earth society (the earth is a flat disk and is accelerating upward at 9.81m/s/s) is impossible to be a solid fact, considering only 6000 of the earth's age by now if we calculated the speed of the earth it will be exceeding the speed of light by an enormous difference "unless they also don't believe that light is the fastest object in the universe".
    And one more thing i think that the Toilet Swirl experiment in this YouTube video is a pretty good evidence to disclaim flat earth arguments

  • Gravity and toilet swirl

    I think its obvious that the gravity explanation provided by the flat earth society (the earth is a flat disk and is accelerating upward at 9.81m/s/s) is impossible to be a solid fact, considering only 6000 of the earth's age by now if we calculated the speed of the earth it will be exceeding the speed of light by an enormous difference "unless they also don't believe that light is the fastest object in the universe".
    And one more thing i think that the Toilet Swirl experiment in this YouTube video is a pretty good evidence to disclaim flat earth arguments

  • Flight times don't fit

    Looking at the usual flat earth map, why does it take at least 20 hours to fly from Australia to the UK, and much less to fly from Australia to either South Africa or Chile?

    So I have to add 15 more words? Why is that? Eh? Come on now.

  • Saying they are Theorist is wrong.

    The flat earth people are just ignorant people. Plain and simple. They believe in magic plain and simple. Saying they are Theorists is completely not valid. Not one experiment they have ever done proves their part. On the other hand EVERY experiment on the side of logic and truth proves the earth is spherical.

    I have given Flat Earth people a simple experiment. Go out at night to the country side away from city lights. Get an app for your laptop or smart phone to track satellites. Go out and watch them look for Iridium flares they will be the brightest or the ISS. Or if you have nightvision googles you could find them even more simply.

    Not one of the idiots has ever tried this.

    I live in Lloydminster, AB back 8 years ago we had a meteor come crashing down. Something that is supposed to not exist by the Flat earth standards. You telling me there are 1000's of people paid by the government to lie about this. And also faked the security camers that caught it on video. And then the government went around placing meteors on the ground for people to find.

    The Flat earthers are just Ignorant.

  • Plate Tectonics Argument

    Plate tectonics is cause by convection currents in the mantel. If the earth is flat how would there be any plate tectonics. This would mean that the mountains and fossils that appear on different continents were just magically put there. I would like to here their explanation of plate tectonics.

  • Explaining one of your favorite arguments.

    You flat earthers love to point to examples of being able to see cities across a flat lake that should be below the horizon. Geometrically some of the examples I've seen are correct. But flat earthers are making a critical error and ignoring a very important factor in the equation. Refraction. The Earth's atmosphere bends light. It creates weird and beautiful sights during a sunset. But it also allows you to see beyond what the geometrically calculated horizon is. You need to add in the factor of refraction to find the true horizon. Here is a great link explaining it with a real world example and pictures to explain the math.

  • Simpleton people love mistery.

    There is 7 bilions human beings on this planet. Each of us diffrent from each other in most of the physiological, mental and personal attributes. Each healthy individual is trying to utilize his intelect no matter how smart/stupid/educated/intuitional he is. Low IQ one without any analytical thinking will have issues understanding analytical description of the world around him, he will rather stick with phrases and stories to describe phenomenon defined in descritive language like mathematica is. Religion has no place to explain anything in his life in detail. Its just old collection of laws or rules and those so belowed stories. But due his poor comprehension skills, it might be already behind limits of his understanding. Thus there is no perspective to explain any advanced theory and its applications to uncomprehensive individual. Its just fact that some people are smart while others are dumb. Dumb people have greater issues dealing with this particular difference. But that's how it it supposed to be.

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Rami says2015-05-31T02:11:26.877
Please, help me. I think I have been traumatized by an extreme exposure to idiots. I think I need to get professional help because THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE WHO FREAKIN' THINK THE EARTH IS FLAT! I thought this was understood!

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