Do you believe articles related to scientific findings should be able to reference on-line resources (yes) or should they be limited to research papers only (no)?

Do you believe articles related to scientific findings should be able to reference on-line resources (yes) or should they be limited to research papers only (no)?
  • Yes, they should.

    Most of the articles related to scientific findings do have good references. These online sources usually is information or data that was from a published scientific journal. In fact, there are many scientific journals that are on-line. Peer-review and the whole nine. So yes, as long as it is legit, it should be used.

  • Yes, scientific findings should be made public through online resources.

    Scientific findings should be made as widely available as possible through on-line resources because it will make the advancement of technology and knowledge much more quick than if researchers have to shuffle through papers to find information. Also, scientific findings should be made available to anyone that wishes to view them, not just the scientists. This will decrease the gap of knowledge in society.

  • Yes, allow a varitey of sources for academic articles.

    Yes, academic writers should be allowed to incorporate and cite any source that they find pertinent to their topic of study, regardless of the type of publication. Of course, researchers should use their own judgment to ensure that their sources are accurate, reliable, and unbiased, but it is overly simplistic and narrow-minded to assume that an article or book must be peer-reviewed in order to meet these criteria. There have been numerous instances in which research articles were later found to be fraudulent, and the peer-review system is too slow and bulky to keep up with fast-paced topics of investigation that are of interest to researchers today.

  • Articles must be reliably accurate

    It has happened in many instances that someone has published something, and it has been picked up and repeated, until it is accepted as truth. When an article is written and published, intended to popularize a concept, idea or invention, it should contain references to the original research, so that if someone is sufficiently interested, or wish to use the information in an arguments, they can obtain the full support of the original research and peer review.

  • No, Should be based on research only

    No who is going to believe anything on the internet? I have to see the research but if the research article is posted online than it is a good thing to happen. But research should be put into print like it is now and not based on what is found on the internet.

  • Peer reviewed articles

    I think that all research should be done from peer reviewed research articles that have been published in a journal. This way they are getting accurate information that has been checked by a lot of professionals in the field, and will make sure that no false info is being spread.

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