Do you believe artists should continue charging for their work (yes) or should all music be free (no)?

  • Artist have to make a living too

    Yes, I believe that artist should be paid for their works. Artist provide entertainment for others and this takes up a large and in some cases all of their time. If all time is being taken from this person then he or she should be compensated accordingly. We should pay people for their work.

  • Yes, artists must charge for their work to make a living

    Art is a product like any other in a capitalist economy. For artists to survive and make work, they must charge the consumer for that work. A world full of free music would be lovely right up until musicians (especially up and coming artists) could no longer afford to produce any work to give away.

  • Yes, they should continue.

    An artist works hard to create what they love, and hopefully the people will love it enough to purchase it. If all music was free, a lot of the music being produced would be of terrible quality because they would have little to no incentive to create something worth purchasing.

  • artists should continue

    I personally agree,The problem here is not the fashion industry, it's the fact that people look at the fashion industry and think that they could be just like the people up there. There is no real "norm" for society. People are all different from one another, and we have to accept that.

  • Artists Should Continue

    I personally think that think that the models they show who are at a dangerous weight need to be changed to models who are actually normal, and are at a weight that our teens of today can actually reach and maintain without starving themselves and causing a lot of health problems for themselves.

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