Do you believe atheists are more moral than people belonging to a religion?

  • Personally I believe

    That as various holy books and texts were written thousands of years ago and what is moral has changed over that time religious followers can us it to back up them committing acts that today we would see morally wrong today. On the other hand I do see that though out time certain things have been seen as universally wrong no matter the time, culture or circumstances but certain things have changed meaning that technically some people who take their religious texts literally could justify murder.

  • Personally I think

    That religion gives people excuses to do things that are morally wrong because they can back it up with a book written along time ago when different things were considered morally right. For example a religious person could justify murder of someone who was unfaithful because whatever holy book they follow says that they are morally allowed to do so but this isn't meant as a generalisation of all religious follows.

  • From personal experience

    In my experience Christians have attacked my friends and I verbally and physically for being Atheist, and for trying to debate religion in classrooms. I know that this is a rare experience, but I have found that Atheist are more excepting. I have also found that Atheist give more reasonable answers for things

  • This is true

    From my personal experience, people of a certain religion tend to be less accepting. Christians, for example, are taught to condemn 1) people not of religion 2)people who are homosexual 3) people who are questioning their beliefs. Atheists on the other hand have no need for these belittlements of various people.
    P.S. Sorry if I misused belittle.

  • I would generally agree.

    There are plenty of people who are bigoted or hateful and use whatever tools at their disposal to facilitate these feelings. Plenty of atheists are judgmental or rude, as much as any other group of people. I do believe, however, that major religions at their core teach intolerance. Reasonable and intelligent theists will change these core concepts into something more ethical, (discounting the fundamentalists and extremists for a moment), but at it's foundation, religion can be very immoral, and gives evil people a perfect excuse to commit atrocities in the name of "good". Religion, not always the religious, can wreak havoc on the mind, and the society if left unchecked.

  • Post modernism lies

    No most atheists are postmodernist, postmodernists try to tell you that there is no such thing as absolute truth. This statement is utterly stupid, because each person can pick his own rights and wrongs. To them a sex offender is justified in his actions because it is right to him. But this is the funny part they hate Christians and try to per sway them to there way of thinking. But they tell Christians not to force their beliefs on someone because you may offend them.

    On an other note celebs. Who are atheist do the charity work just for publicity (sometimes)

  • “Judge not, lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1).

    As a Catholic, I do see a lot of judgement. People judge other people everyday. Of course Christians are seen as "Judgemental" people. It is how we grew up. You can't blame us for trying to understand what the bible tells us. However not every Christian judges everyone on what they do or say. I used to hate homosexuality and used to judge people, until I read Matthew 7:1. In the bible it does say, homosexuality is a sin, but it also says “Judge not, lest you be judged” this is why I changed my view. Who am I to say he/she is sinning. God is and always will be the only Judge. Atheists have a tendency to put down everyone who believes in God or anything for that matter. They do it by asking someone to debate them on how God exists. Of course not every Christian has the answer, but we believe that he is there, we have faith that there is a heaven. Many of my Atheist friends joke around about God and "how he doesn't exist". I'm not one of those Christians that will shove religion in your face but I ask that you look at life in our eyes. Believing in a higher power (God).

  • Intolerance does not help your case

    Religious people are not less moral than atheists. Some religious people by their devotion are more moral, although this is not true for all. Some religious people are hateful and intolerant, some atheists are tolerant and kind, some religious people are very moral and tolerant, and some atheists are intolerant and cruel. Religion generally has little effect on how moral someone is; it mainly affects what their morals are. Some people may have less strict morals, but they adhere to their personal morals very closely, and vice versa. Atheists stereotyping religious people as dumb or bigoted does not help their argument, it shows that their belief can have intolerant people too.

  • This is a Massive Over-Generalisation

    I don't think you can say that atheists are more moral than religious people. It is too much of a generalisation. You could compare individual atheists and theists or individual groups but not ALL theists and ALL atheists. In any case, just making the comparison implies there is a single static "correct" morality when really morality is a little more relative than that.

  • Morality is not the issue

    The problem that occurs with situations such as these is that mostly everyone will try or want to find why something may have happened whether its silly high school break-ups to something as devastating as murder or death. Whether or not someone has extreme religious view points or are the most extreme atheist, morality is about human quality not human interest or beliefs. Lets say you were in another country or continent, for example Africa or Afghanistan, you might find how they think and feel about your personal culture and beliefs similar to how you may or may not view theirs. You can find them to be savage or aggressive or uncomfortable to your way of living or your sense of tranquility. Now what if they came to your home, they just like you would feel uncomfortable. Humans have a tendency to be on the defense when faced with something they aren't used to. These feeling breed conflicts and war and pointless arguing and spiral the world into chaos. So to answer the question no there is no moral difference between a Religious person and an Atheist person. As long as we live in a world where we try to find an answer to easy but hard paradox like questions such as this we will never be able to fully understand personal Ecstasy.

  • They have no higher one

    Religious people are less likely to commit crimes and they do more acts of kindness. Atheists are not even sure there is morality or good or evil. Most killers do not even believe in god. The ones that kill and have religion do not harm children and behave better than atheist killers.

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-07T17:32:18.573
Sure, you can have morality outside of religion...For a while. An atheistic society is moral at first, because they inherited their morality from the religious generation(s). That sense of morality may take several generations to erode.
But eventually, they start concluding, one step at a time, that certain immoral behaviors are acceptable. They rationalize things to themselves and make this stuff okay. They make "studies" that further rationalize these behaviors. And thus they rationalize and legalize all this immoral stuff, one step at a time, one generation at a time, one or two decades at a time. By this time (2014) we have taken a lot of steps on the road to immorality, and we're bound to take more steps in the future.
Tulbakra says2014-03-07T22:02:41.777
Depends in the person in question. I think there is no correlation. There are evil atheists and the are evil theists.

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