Do you believe attempting to bring democracy to the Middle East is valuable?

  • Go against Russia as United States wants to.

    Since United States competes against Russia, the US tries to have more countries that are democratic rather than communism. Communist countries will hold hands with Russia and attack the US, so it is more beneficial to the US to promote democracy in the Middle East. Russia and the US have balanced power, and if one of them gets support, the two wouldn't have the same power, and there might be a world war.

  • We shouldn't allow the middle east to have democracy

    One reason why we shouldnt let the middle east have democracy is they might have atotally different opinion about us and the way we think. For exsample take aberham lincon some peple didn't like him so one of those people who didn't like what he thought or liked or any thing else about him shot him and we don't want that happning now do we. Thank you for listening to my complaining from ashlyn

  • I think that trying to spread democracy in the middle east can be dangerous

    What if the middle eastern countries do not agree with democracy then they maybe reek even more havoc throughout the us so in my opinion the us should not put itself in danger by trying to give the middle eastern countries any democracy at all because it is not worth lives being lost boom drop the mike

  • Democracy is in conflict with the Islam religion, promoting democracy will violate religious beliefs of 98% of people in the Middle East.

    The Quran states its distaste towards democracy in various ways. Quote,
    “Allah…makes non to share in his decision and his rule.”
    “Are those who know equal to those who know not?” (demonstrating disagreement with the notion of equality)
    “Allah hath sent down no authority: the command is for none but Allah.”
    “None have the right to legislate except Allah.”
    “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”

    In the United States Constitution, it is stated, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of.” In short, promoting Democracy contradicts the religious beliefs of Muslims, thus violating the Constitution and defiling the United State’s legitimacy.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe there is anything special about democracy. The United States is proof that democracy can be just as corrupt as any other type of government, it just hides it better. Bringing democracy to the Middle East is not valuable. It simply provides a tactic to handle an unsolvable problem.

  • Too much destruction!

    I don't think its a valuable thing to bring democracy in Middle East because at the moment there is too much destruction going on. Too many innocent people are being killed. Most of the Middle Eastern countries are well off even without democracy and people are living happily there. Democracy will only bring more destruction.

  • Middle East should go their own way

    No nation has the right to force it's own ideas onto another country. Why should the West think that it is acceptable to "bring democracy" to another nation. These countries have last for centuries without interference from other countries and they can continue to progress in their own way. If they choose a democratic path in their own right, that is a different matter, but "bringing democracy" to another nation is madness.

  • No, attempting to bring democracy to the Middle East implies superiority

    No, I believe that a country such as ours should begin to look inward to solve problems. Our own democracy is currently unstable and the United States is hardly in a position to offer advice to other countries on how to govern its people. An effort to influence democracy in the Middle East could easily be viewed as too authoritative and insensitive.

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