• Austerity is common in Europe

    It is my opinion that austerity is common in Europe and many other places throughout the rest of the world. I feel that Americans place a lot of value on "flashy" or "gaudy" appearances, and that these values are less important in places like Europe. Therefore austerity becomes common in these places.

  • Yes There Is

    Austerity is a sternness or a seriousness in manner or attitude. I believe this is a common attitude of many Europeans and something that is lest common in places like the United States. I believe it is possible to notice this trait among some Canadians as well, which often leads to problems between citizens of Canada and those of the United States.

  • Austerity is common in Europe

    Austerity is very apparently becoming more and more common in Europe and it is pushing the continent into social and economic decline. Austerity is causing the downfall of the continent and it is important for Europe as a whole to not continue to let austerity to have an uprising in Europe.

  • No, I don't believe austertity is common in Europe.

    I think the lack of austerity in Europe lead to many nations over in-debting themselves and ended up causing real problems when the bond markets started to have trouble, I think Europe in the future will be much more austerious then ever before but in general Europe is not a very austerious place.

  • It did not work and is not common.

    No, I do not believe that austerity is common in Europe. I think that austerity was a bold experiment, but as we know now, in hind sight, it was generally considered to be a failure. The economic landscape in Europe is shifting faster than ever before, and is challenging, but we know austerity didn't work.

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