• We love em

    We must keep em there very poor and lonlyy im 6 years old and i talke a stannd we love love love very vey very very vy vry ery much and they love me to fuck donald trump we love em poor children dying we love em say it with me we love em we love em !!!

  • Australia should allow asylum seekers rights.

    I believe that Australia should allow asylum seekers rights as they are only coming to our country so that they can have a new chance in life or another chance. Even though some of the asylum seekers may not be good or coming for the good they still deserve a better lifestyle then what they're currently having

  • Asylum seekers should have rights.

    The point of seeking asylum is to have rights and be treated fairly and well. Any nation that gives asylum, and any nation in general, should provide basic human rights and rights in keeping with the way they run the nation and treat citizens. They do not have to grant benefits, but rights should be.

  • Asylum seekers deserve some rights in Australia.

    The individuals coming to Australia deserve at the very least some rights. Although they may not be citizens they are still human beings. Regardless of where they are from we as a species need to come together and help our own. Protecting them with a set of basic rights is completely necessary because they deserve to be happy as well. Despite where they may have come from or what horrors they escaped we need to be there for the people of the world, so maybe someday they will be there for us.

  • Australia Asylum Seekers

    I personally think that Almost 32,000 asylum seekers already in Australia after arriving by boat will never get permanent settlement and will be stripped of the right to appeal to the courts, under a policy reportedly to be announced by the coalition. Do you support this move or is it fierce politicking?

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  • they should not

    No, I do not think that they need to give rights to people that are seeking asylums. I think that they do not deserve to have any of the rights that a normal person has, and I think that what they do is a very bad thing for all of us.

  • Its not fair for Australians

    Asylum seekers are granted basically free entry into Australia if they are not placed off shore. While those of us who have immigrated lawfully had to go threw all the procedures to be a part of this country. Also Australia is already on the brink, if not over, being overpopulated. You would also have to question what some of these people are trying to hide if they are not legally arriving in Australia.

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