Do you believe balanced and fair punishments benefit (yes) or do not benefit (no), the United States justice system?

  • Yes, they benefit it.

    Balanced and fair punishments definitely benefit the justice system. I don't know why we would ever strive to provide anything other than a fair and balanced punishment for criminals. If you do a crime, you should get the same punishment as someone else who has committed the same crime. It also spares judges from making tough decisions if they just follow the rule book.

  • They are fair

    I think that to make the laws to where people will respect and follow them, they must be fair and just, and the punishments for breaking these laws must be fair and just also. This is why our system tends to work pretty good, we have fair punishments for crimes.

  • Balande justice has its benefits

    I think a balanced and fair punishment belief is a benefit to the United States Justice system. This is the foundation in our court systems and provides a baseline for all cases in how we judge them. As long as we still believe innocent until proven guilty, the balanced and fair punishment system will work.

  • Yes, they do.

    I believe the justice system is balance and fair and that is a good thing. I think that making sure to give people a chance to prove they are innocent is a good way of doing things and is the most fair for things to happen. I like the justice system we have now.

  • A Benefit It Is

    I believe balanced and fair punishments benefit the United States justice system. Without fair and balanced punishments judges could give out sentences as they see fit and people would complain on many levels. There is no reason to not follow punishments that are fair and balanced because if they aren't they system becomes corrupt.

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