Do you believe banning products from China would be helpful to the United States?

  • Yes. It is unfair for China to continue to destroy our economy.

    Cheap Chinese goods will force the US company to move abroad. China does not buy (much) US goods anyway. How can one call that TRADE? Trade is supposed to be bi-directional, Not ONE WAY. This is not really the trade war. This is the fighting for survival of the economical system. One is State controlled, Another consumer controlled free market. You vote one with your wallet!

  • YES. That will eventually given fellow Americans opportunity to buy homes

    1) More jobs could return to US. 2) Fewer RICH Chinese could come to compete for real estate hence given fellow Americans opportunity to buy homes. IF the current housing bubble continue to be bloated by the RICH Chinese buyer, We'll end up as homeless, Someday down the road. 3) Destroy the Made-In-China-2025 goal to give US an opportunity to make comeback.

  • Banning these useless products

    Banning these goods would make the states make their own products and sell it world wide. While America has a good economy, China is trying to build their's by selling cheap products which work for some time. China only has benefits from selling this. At the end, I suggest boycott chinese goods

  • Stop exporting products

    Yes it is really a big help for the people who doesnt want to have a fake products I would like to ask everybody not to buy all the products which made in china because of the criticism of what kind of products they import here ,side effects can cause the people to sickeness. Specially for the benifits fo the seek of the children theres lots of cases that it leads to poisoning for example,toys,foods etc..Please stop sending their products in philippines

  • It would bring our jobs back

    People are forced to work in service industries now and companies offering retirement and benefits are a thing of the past. I hate hunting for quality merchandise that is not from China. I have to go online just to find things made USA. I remember seeing jobs in the textiles; but they are all overseas now :o(

  • Be an American

    If you want to support your country, then don't pay somebody from another country to provide goods and services. We won the second world war because we could make airplanes faster than our enemies could shoot them down. This should be taught in school. If all your money ends up over seas, how are you going to support yourself? If we allow people from other countries to bankrupt the USA, we become a prime target for an invation. We will basically become slaves, better start learning Chineese.

  • Banning Chinese made products will boost our economy.

    When buying Chinese products, Americans are encouraging companies to outsource work to China. Most Americans are trying to save money any way possible and China offers cheaper goods. If those goods are available in America then Americans will buy them. If you ban Chinese products, you force Americans to buy American products. Then companies will want to manufacture their products here to sell them to Americans. Thus, boosting our economy with jobs and wealth.

  • Yes, it could cause people to buy less overall, and more US made items.

    Banning all products made from China could eventually decrease excess consumerism, in that people would be less able to afford products. This would lead to people purchasing less, and possibly even trying to repair things that broke. I don't think it would be beneficial immediately, since people would struggle to be able to afford things. But, eventually, it could potentially help the U.S. economy since people would possibly buy US-made items, and even pay repair people to fix them. However, it seems very unlikely that this would or could ever happen.

  • Made in USA has been obsolete a decades ago.

    Forget the past, even Made in China will disappear soon, because China will increase its labor costs, like Japan, Korea and Taiwan done. That's the cycle, we've been recognized Made in Japan as low-quality and then as symbol of quality that has been replaced with Made in China. Chinese companies increased today, 100% China Made is now a quality product today. After most of us recognized Made in China as symbol of quality, it will be replaced by Made in India or Made in other South Asian countries, even Chinese companies are starting to manufacture their products in south Asia for lower labor costs.

  • CC-Chinese r not to be beleived

    Chinese r cheaters..They receive lot of profit from India and they still don't value..They should b honest and India should ban taking products from China and as well US should also ban bcoz chinese are not to be beleived..All countries should ban products from china..This will make fall in their economy..

  • It would be an economic disaster.

    No, banning products from China would not be helpful to the United States. Protectionism never works out the way people think it should. Also, Americans are too cheap and too broke to buy "Made In America" stuff these days. We're addicted to cheap Chinese imports. Our way of life would collapse.

  • No, it is a global economy

    The modern economy is a global economy, and therefore products from China are not much different than products from the United States. Most people only see job creation if it is direct, but jobs are indirectly created in America from buying Chinese products. Banning things from China would hurt both countries' economies.

  • No, it would be detrimental.

    What people from the United States don't realize is that the reason China is so powerful is in part due to the products they ship to America. And they also import from us. It would be detrimental to both sides if one decided to cut the other off. This is a world economy, and these are the two largest and must work together.

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