Do you believe banning products from China would be helpful to the United States?

  • Stop wasting time and accept Chia is America's Foe

    China since the CCP has taken control of China is ideologically opposed to America. Since no one can deny that fact there is no way we can come to an agreement or have expectations of an agreement being honored by the CCP it would a folly to buy or trade with such a government.

  • Ban Hightech Chinese Products

    Most Chinese technologies are stolen or illegally copied from other countries (mostly US) for decades. It's now time that we move our manufactures out, And ban all high tech products made by Chinese companies like Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE. . .

    This will send a clear message to Chinese government to comply with international laws as a member of WTO.

  • Bad products from dictatorships

    By purchasing products from countries that promote communism or are run by dictatorships, You finance their ability to survive and prosper. This is the case with China, A once poor country that posed no threat to the democratic world is in a position to dominate the globe. I don’t know why people don’t see this, I sure as heck don’t want to be ruled over!

  • China doesn't care!

    China has disregard for all countries but their own. Products coming out of China are mostly of poor quality. These cheaper products take jobs away from Canada and the United States. The products create access pollution and disregard for the people who make them. China is treating Canada unfairly due to our extradition of the Huawei with the unnecessary holding of two Canadians in China. Games with pork and canola. BAN CHINESE PRODUCTS!

  • Stop the expansion of china!

    We need to invest in America, Bring the manufacturing back to the states. I am not against cheap manufacturing but if companies want cheap labor costs. I would move the factories from china to more friendly countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Or eastern Europe like Ukraine, Serbia Croatia, Romanian Moldova. Stop the Chinese takeover, We made china what it is today we can also prevent them from taking over the world economically. If you believe the rise of china is a good thing just look at the African countries who partake in the Belt and Road Initiative. The corrupts officials of these African countries take Chinese money, Which they know they will not be able to pay back. But, When china demands its money back and the countries can't pay back the loan they just take over the countries resources and land Colonization 2. 0.

  • Good for America

    Good for America and people. We do not need all these cheap stuff from China. It will bring more jobs back to this country. Plus China is a communist country, No respect for human rights. Communist party is worse than nazi party. If you want to start Third World War, Keep buying junks from China.

  • China is evil

    China is all take and no give. They have proven to be thieves and dishonest in business. They simply lack morality and have no place on the world stage. China is a dog that bites the hand that feeds it. They will be the cause of World War Three and will lose!

  • Bullying trade tactics from China is not in US or Canada or any other developed country’s interest

    If trade and policies are fair, Go for it. But it’s not with China. Significantly subsidizing Chinese products in manufacturing, Pegging their currency to USD, Stealing and blatant use of those technology advances, Playing negative role in world politics by supporting rouge states like Pakistan and Iran and North Korea, Claiming sovereign rights over Tibet and Hong Kong, Creating military bases in South China sea. . . . Do we need more examples or is there an awakening coming?

  • Ban chinese goods

    We have given wealth to China and now they think they can bully everyone because they basically own the world through resources companies they have bought in other countries. Their goal is to take over the world and because of the greed of the elite rich this will happen unless we stop buying items made in China. Boycott China unless you want communist rule.

  • Ban Chinese goods and Chinese people altogether

    US thinks childish in their foreign policies. First, Why the US gave access to these fraudsters and copymasters? Now they own the whole world, They have White Houses, Eiffel Tower and all the memorable things in the world, As they copied these techniques. How did all these worthless Chinese goods end up in US and Canada in the first place? Instead of preventing the World's No 1 fraudsters and copymasters, US and Canada are giving too much to China-real estate everywhere, Birthright citizenship, Access to Corporate information without any control. It is too late to act. The Heads of State are spending most of their time blaming previous administrations and their policies, Rather than taking care of the problems US and Canada face. TOOOOOOOOOO BAD! TOO SAD!

  • Made in USA has been obsolete a decades ago.

    Forget the past, even Made in China will disappear soon, because China will increase its labor costs, like Japan, Korea and Taiwan done. That's the cycle, we've been recognized Made in Japan as low-quality and then as symbol of quality that has been replaced with Made in China. Chinese companies increased today, 100% China Made is now a quality product today. After most of us recognized Made in China as symbol of quality, it will be replaced by Made in India or Made in other South Asian countries, even Chinese companies are starting to manufacture their products in south Asia for lower labor costs.

  • CC-Chinese r not to be beleived

    Chinese r cheaters..They receive lot of profit from India and they still don't value..They should b honest and India should ban taking products from China and as well US should also ban bcoz chinese are not to be beleived..All countries should ban products from china..This will make fall in their economy..

  • It would be an economic disaster.

    No, banning products from China would not be helpful to the United States. Protectionism never works out the way people think it should. Also, Americans are too cheap and too broke to buy "Made In America" stuff these days. We're addicted to cheap Chinese imports. Our way of life would collapse.

  • No, it is a global economy

    The modern economy is a global economy, and therefore products from China are not much different than products from the United States. Most people only see job creation if it is direct, but jobs are indirectly created in America from buying Chinese products. Banning things from China would hurt both countries' economies.

  • No, it would be detrimental.

    What people from the United States don't realize is that the reason China is so powerful is in part due to the products they ship to America. And they also import from us. It would be detrimental to both sides if one decided to cut the other off. This is a world economy, and these are the two largest and must work together.

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