Do you believe banning products from China would be helpful to the United States?

  • Buy from allys

    We could eliminate our need for China crap by using our own country's business even in startups. We could look at US supply chain and buy from allied countries 1st. Maybe that would slow the growth of another malignant cancer country like China before it is Nazi Germany all over again. It already appears that they are worse than Germany and are pushing on the entire world in a very negative way.

  • China Bans All International Products, So We Should Do The Same

    China Bans All International Products, So We Should Do The Same. . .
    China suppresses their own people, And feeds them only Chinese products, Thus rendering the rest of the world's innovation useless. So, Why should we allow Chinese products? ! If this is how China wants to play, Then we should, Too! We should isolate China from the rest of the world! Doing so would benefit everyone, And hurt China - which would force them to listen to us!

  • We have the brains and means to produce everything here in the US.

    Prior to NAFTA, American made products were produced with American pride. Add to that the offshore jobs that it produced was in the millions. As an example of American vs Chinese product, I had a water heater, US made, Dated 1989 which is before all the offshore government of parts etc. 21 years later, That same water heater just gave out. Let's move to prescription drugs. . . . Made in China. . . After this virus, How can we trust them?

  • China is hell bent on conquering the world, Not for the world, But for the Chinese elite.

    The Chinese military are bullying their way into the South China sea. Why, For minerals. These minerals belong to others, Vietnam, Philipines, Malaysia, Brunei, Who-ever, But not China. They are doing it with Warships they have built on the money they have made selling cheap products to the US made by the underpaid slave labour in their pollution filled cities. If the US stop buying Chinese products then they will not be able to afford to build the war machinery that they are no doubt going to release on the world. Who cares if we do not trade with them. Better to be poorer and safe rather than rich and vulnerable.

  • We need to cut the umbilical cord of logistical resourcing from China and be more self reliant.

    The Chinese are embarking on an economic sino-colonisation of the world. They are using Australian Iron ore to build warships and weapons and building off-shore control of pharmaceuticals, Machinery, IT and all other goods to control the logistical supply to service the world. It is as plain as it can be. We need to cut ties with this country and its geo-economic-political grand plan. Wake up Australia and the rest of the world. We need to diversify our trade agreements. We would be better dealing with Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Phillipines and definitely Taiwan, Everyone else, But not China. Sell our beef, Wool, Dairy products, Lamp, Iron ore to others. Cut China loose.

  • Action must be made soon

    If no action is taken, Nothing will change. The Chinese will have to modify their lifestyle because it is harming the rest of the world. If their economy is affected they will come to the understanding that eating exotic wildlife like bats, Cats, And dogs, Etc. . . Is not worth the price they have to pay. It forces them to make the decision. We are having to change our lifestyle drastically due to their actions and now it is time for the tables to turn. I believe it is the only thing they will understand. They have a choice, But we need to give them the choice or else we only have ourselves to blame.

  • Security products purchased (Video and data) from china will not work unless they are connected to internet and allowed to upload video to China.

    Contacted company (sengled. Com) and found that in order to use their product, You have to allow the video from your security camera to be uploaded to servers in China. Blocking the internet and the product stops working. Check it out for yourself, Found this to be true for several Chinese companies Do you trust your security footage with a communist Regime?

  • They have a lot in common with Nazi Germany

    Their record on human rights is basically the same as the Nazis. If a country was mass-murdering Jews but sold us things cheap, Would it be a good idea to do business with them? They have just demonstrated to the entire world how they view human life vs. Profits. I will never buy ANYTHING that says made in China again, Until they have a totally different government over there. Their products may be cheaper in dollars, But more expensive in human lives.

  • Ban everything Chinese. . . . .

    On many many levels they are the most deplorable race.
    I wil never ever go into a Chinese restaurant or buy Chinese goods again.
    Hopefully they might also reconsider throwing their baby girls out of windows from high rise apartments.
    And ceasing the torturing of dogs has to stop immediately.
    Ghastly disgusting race.

  • China to overtake US economy

    If the Us looses it's #1 economy, We will lose respect and not be as powerful as we are now. If China overtakes are economy, There is no telling how bad it could be as China forms ties with Russia, An enemy of China against there common enemy, The USA. I believe if we ban imports we use are superpower status to have other countries follow suit, China will be stopped.

  • Made in USA has been obsolete a decades ago.

    Forget the past, even Made in China will disappear soon, because China will increase its labor costs, like Japan, Korea and Taiwan done. That's the cycle, we've been recognized Made in Japan as low-quality and then as symbol of quality that has been replaced with Made in China. Chinese companies increased today, 100% China Made is now a quality product today. After most of us recognized Made in China as symbol of quality, it will be replaced by Made in India or Made in other South Asian countries, even Chinese companies are starting to manufacture their products in south Asia for lower labor costs.

  • CC-Chinese r not to be beleived

    Chinese r cheaters..They receive lot of profit from India and they still don't value..They should b honest and India should ban taking products from China and as well US should also ban bcoz chinese are not to be beleived..All countries should ban products from china..This will make fall in their economy..

  • It would be an economic disaster.

    No, banning products from China would not be helpful to the United States. Protectionism never works out the way people think it should. Also, Americans are too cheap and too broke to buy "Made In America" stuff these days. We're addicted to cheap Chinese imports. Our way of life would collapse.

  • No, it is a global economy

    The modern economy is a global economy, and therefore products from China are not much different than products from the United States. Most people only see job creation if it is direct, but jobs are indirectly created in America from buying Chinese products. Banning things from China would hurt both countries' economies.

  • No, it would be detrimental.

    What people from the United States don't realize is that the reason China is so powerful is in part due to the products they ship to America. And they also import from us. It would be detrimental to both sides if one decided to cut the other off. This is a world economy, and these are the two largest and must work together.

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