Do you believe beauty contests cause eating disorders?

  • So true . . .

    True fact but dieting is bad for your health and can easily be turned into a eating disorder. Also fashion shows are really based around your weight and young women these days will see models on magazines or on TV that have been photo-shopped even though they are already very thin from having a eating disorder, the bad thing is all the young woman want to be like them. Thats when the problem stars

  • Beauty Contest Make Us Think that Thin is In!

    Beauty contests lead to eating disorders because of their role in society. We ritualize beauty in our culture and all too often this consists of telling beauty contestants that they need to be freakishly thin in order to be beautiful. This spills over to the rest of women in society who feel they need to lose weight just to have self-esteem.

  • Yes, Negative, unntaural body image is never healthy.

    The main problem with beauty pageants is the emphasis they put on looks. Especially given how impressionable young women are often the targets of the pageants. It is very easy for a young girl to do a great amount of damage to her body in hopes of one day looking like a beauty queen.

  • No, I don't think beauty contests cause eating disorders.

    Overall I think that the majority of beauty contestants achieve their body weight through exercise and proper dieting, I think only a very small minority of contestents go as far as to give themselves an eating disorder in order to lose weight, so overall I don't think beauty contests cause eating disorders.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe beauty contests cause eating disorders. People involved in beauty contests may be at more danger for developing eating disorders but I do not think you can blame it on the pageants alone or even say that the contests create the problem. People who are not associated with the contests develop eating disorders also.

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