• Yes, I believe beauty contests should be banned.

    Yes, I believe beauty contests should be banned. They are not good for kids. So many little girls look at these women in the contests and think they want to look like them but they do not realize all the fake-ness that goes into it. The little kid pageants especially make me sick. No parent should put fake hair, fake teeth, and makeup on a child!

  • Beauty Contests Should Not Be Banned

    Beauty contests are an avenue for building self esteem and confidence. They promote taking care of one's body and mind and provides rewards for excelling and achieving in this category. Young girls often learn poise through beauty pageants and they also learn how to present themselves before an audience - skills at which there is no readily alternative avenue from which girls could learn.

  • They're just in fun.

    No, I do not believe that beauty contests should be banned, because i believe that the girls who participate in them learn from it. The children can learn to be a good sport whether they are a winner or a loser. They can learn that putting time into your physical appearance makes you look better. That is not a bad lesson to learn.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe beauty contests should be banned. I think parents, teens, and other participating adults need to reassess what the point of these contests are. I have seen some that are very innocent and I feel those are justifiable, but the other there are some out there that are so competitive that they are damaging to society.

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