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  • Yes, living life as a celebrity in 2016 is difficult.

    I say 2016, because for the past 20 years, North America has become increasingly obsessed with celebrities; particularly Hollywood types. All one has to do is stand in a grocery story check out line and look at the magazine headlines to figure that out. They're appalling. No one deserves that.

  • Yes, I do think so

    The first reason is that we can have paparazzi. Or it can be a stalker.
    The second reason is that we can't use the social network sites.
    The third reason is everywhere you go, it can get crowded
    the last reason is that we don't have time to do things what other people do.

  • I expect it to be hard

    I would most definitely think that being a celeb would be hard. You would basically say good bye to privacy, around your home, your family life, your social life, anywhere really. Then again I may be a bit biased due to the fact I'm not much of a people person. But I do believe that all people to a certain extent have their boundaries. Although the fame and fortune would be exceedingly pleasant, I would not want to be a celeb...

  • Yes i do!!!

    When you’re famous there’s always a big pressure on you. You can’t mess up and make mistakes, you simply have to be perfect all the time. This normally cause the celebrities being afraid to make mistakes and be themselves. It’s terrifying! Another terrible thing about being famous is losing almost all privacy. There are people watching you, talking about you, and writing about you every single day.

  • It's very difficult being one.

    You literally have no privacy, there's constant drama and almost everything you say gets you bashed by the media and/or haters. You're constantly being watched and exposed to the public. Even the most embarrassing details about a celebrity gets revealed. All of that makes it difficult for a celebrity to maintain a stable life style. Johnny Depp said that everything is a strategy, as a celebrity. Getting into and out of a hotel room, restaurant, etc. Some things about being a celebrity are okay, such as the money and loyal fans. But most of it is just stressful and difficult to live through. Vanessa Hudgens said fame was literally her least favorite word. I can feel for her. Celebrity is my least favorite word. Not because of the celebs themselves, but because of the lifestyle.

  • Yes it is Hard but it does have its perks

    Being a celebrity is really hard. It is really tiring and most celebrities would want to be treated like a normal person not as that famous person but it also has its perks. The Amount of money you will have is good and getting meet all sorts of people and meet other celebrities would be a cool expierence.

  • I agree being a celeb is hard!!!!!!!!!

    Once you have passed the fact that they are rich the rest of their life is just rubbish and i say not just that everyone should know that their life is bad but also to get them off the news, they get so much attention that they don't need and i say that this should be taken away. The life of a celeb is crazy bad anything they do is on the social media and the news. It is important that we all know the truth about celebs and that they have the most pressure and that tons of celebs commit suicide because they get pressured to do so much stuff.

  • Yes, I agree that being a celebrity can be difficult

    Once you get past the fact that somebody is a celebrity, and has an elegant/luxurious lifestyle, you then can look at their actual personal life. Just think about it. Everybody knows your name, they know your habits, they know your relationships with others, they talk about your physique (good or bad), they know all of your mistakes. Whether you are judged positively or negatively, this can have an tremendous impact on your self-image. It would be extremely difficult to take in all of the criticism of your personal self, and not be effected by it personally. That pressure on your personal life would be extremely difficult to live with, at least in a healthy happy lifestyle.

  • It Is A Hard And Lonely Life

    People think being famous would be great. However, it would likely be quite a nightmare. Most celebrities have no privacy, and they are hounded by the press for the most insignificant of things. Plus, a lot of movie and television starts spend a lot of long and lonely hours on their sets.

  • It depends on the person

    If you are the type that cares what other people think then yes. If you can compartmentalize the general voices in to background noise and the voices you care about as the foreground then it must be pretty easy. Life is hard for everyone, overall, I don't believe life is harder for celebrities. Quite the opposite if you have the mental faculties to separate what is important and what isn't. Pros > Cons.

  • The pain of reverence

    Being a celebrity may be difficult emotionally at times, but there's not a soul on this Earth who wouldn't enjoy being revered, and not only not, being rich enough to pursue all of your passions as well. Some of us have a lot of emotional problems of our own without having the money to isolate ones self.

  • The hardships of celebrity are miniscule

    Being a celebrity may not be a guarantee of a happy and fulfilling life, but when compared with the lives of unknown and unwealthy people, celebrities have many more opportunities to have success and happiness. While all humans have flaws that cause difficulty, celebrities have unique avenues to deal with those flaws, be it addiction, or something else, being rich and famous does wonders to improve your quality of life.

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