Do you believe being a musician in this day and age is better than any other previous age?

  • Those on the "con" side are ignoring the question.

    As of posting this, The only arguments on the con-side act as if the question is asking "Are older musicians better than newer musicians? " On the question actually being presented, Yes, I believe it's an opportune time to be alive for musicians. There are so many more ways to compose music these days, Many times without even touching a real instrument, And so many more ways to share and get your work heard around the world through the use of the internet.

  • Musicians are valuable

    Being a musician in today's age is better than any other age because of the many avenues that people have to listen to their music. The ease that the general public can select all kinds of forms of music is much greater than even a decade ago. With technology the way it is, music is a very good career path to take.

  • Yes, there are countless ways of reaching audiences now

    Though today's musicians do face downsides such as the prevalence of illegal downloading of music, they also have more access to potential fans through the Internet than musicians have ever had before. This allows new musicians to build a fan base in new and exciting ways, reaching more people than they ever could have in a previous era.

  • So many opportunities.

    Yes, I believe that being a musician in this day and age is better than any other previous age, because today, there is so much opportunity for a person to have their work heard. A musician can put their work on youtube and see how much interest there is. A person has to be good, but their work can be heard.

  • There Is More Freedom

    I believe being a musician in this day and age is better than any other previous age. I believe equipment can be obtained very easily so artists can set up their own personal studios and produce high quality tracks at home. Doing this, I think musicians have more opportunities available to them with today's technology.

  • 60s was the golden age of music, my friend

    Ever heard of the beatles, talented brits who took time and effort into their music (even changed up there classy theme for a psychadaelic approach). What in gods name does todays music (2015) have to show for reppetitive autotuned meaningless sh*t. If you don't agree with my then Good Day To You!

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the musicians from previous decades are the best that there have ever been, and I think that there is not any new ones that can still match them. Some of the greatest can still play though, they are just old now and the old generation of music.

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